Report by Jan Michael Long, judge of the Juvenile Division of the Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas.

New cases: There were 11 delinquent; 1 unruly; 3 adult; 28 traffic; 11 dependent, neglect, abused; 4 custody; and 4 paternity cases filed.

Transferred from other counties/reactivated for additional dispositions: 4 delinquent; 7 traffic; 2 dependent, neglect, abused; and 14 paternity/support modification cases.

Transferred to other counties for disposition: 7 delinquent, 17 traffic, 9 dependent, neglect, abused, 9 custody, 3 permanent custody, 30 paternity, 4 adult cases completed. There are approximately 365 cases pending before the juvenile court.

The court ordered 1 boy and 1 girl placed on regular probation.

There were 3 boys and 3 girls released from probation leaving a total of 42 juveniles remaining on probation.

There was a total of 196 hours assigned of community service.

A total of 24 case reviews, 89 hearings and 93 child support hearings were heard this month.

Judge Jan Michael Long,

Pickaway County Common Pleas Court

Juvenile Division

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