Clerk at Duke and Duchess shop reporting a black car parked on the side of the building occupied by a male and female. Vehicle left prior to officer’s arrival.

Alarm company advising of activation on front door of UDF. Business checks OK.

Traffic stop at Avon and Fairview. Verbal warning for equipment.

Unit checking reckless op complaint received at Speedway East. Subject checks OK.

Caller advised of loud music playing from her neighbor’s house on Watt St. No report taken. The music wasn’t loud. Both have been advised of the neighbor complaints.

Caller advised he smells natural gas out front of his W. Mound St. residence. Broken line was repaired by Columbia Gas.

Caller advised of a non-injury accident on Pontious Lane. Report taken.

Caller advised that the Savings Bank had informed her that she had deposited a counterfeit $200 bill. Report taken.

Caller advised someone is outside doing something and has the radio in their truck playing too loud. Checks OK.

Caller advised there is a wire down laying across the road on Logan St. Service department has the road closed until AEP can get out there and fix this down wire.

Caller advised of a non-injury accident and the person’s passenger assaulted him. Citation issued to subject. Report taken and charges filed.

Caller advised of a two-vehicle car accident involving a Ford Explorer and a Hyundai Elantra on N. Court and Reber. Report taken.

Caller advised she noticed her truck missing when she got home from Bingo lat night. The keys were inside of her house but her house wasn’t broken into. Call cancelled. She said her truck is at her brother’s friend’s house.

Caller advised of a group of kids that are jumping out in front of people’s vehicles on Kingston Ct. Unable to locate.

Marked out on Half Ave. with a subject with a warrant. Clear with report taken.

Marked out on E. Franklin to do a follow-up and landlord advised a couple of guns were found when the residence was being fumigated today. No report taken; the guns were fake.

Subject on station advising he hit a mirror on a parked vehicle at the post office. Advised he will be at the post office to speak with an officer. No report taken. No damage to either vehicle.

Caller from Rural King advised they just had a black truck load up a bunch of shopping carts and was last seen in the area of KFC. Report taken.

Subject on station advising she found a license plate on a RR track off of Clinton St. Report taken.

Caller requesting to speak with an officer due to his neighbor yelling derogatory remarks to him. No report taken. Both parties have been advised to stay away from one another.

Caller advising sometime between Friday and today her brother’s residence had been broken into and several items have been stolen. Report taken.

Caller advising there is a residence that the landlord had the occupants set out of and now there are individuals inside that are going through the house and the belongings on the sidewalk. Checks OK.

Caller advising in the Ted Lewis Park shelter house directly across from the skate park there are two female juveniles and one male juvenile yelling profanity. Officer spoke with the juveniles, as well as their parents. Advised there will be no more issues.

Caller advising there is a juvenile smoking cigarettes underage at Ted Lewis Park who left on a bicycle. Unable to locate.

Caller advising his vehicle was struck approximately an hour ago on S. Court St. Report taken.

Marked out with a subject on Rustic Dr. that has an active warrant. Arrest made on William Alan Crosby.

Caller advising of tools in the roadway from a vehicle that turned the corner too sharp. Report taken. Red tool bucket, 2 power tools and numerous other hand tools.

Complainant on station advising of S. Scioto St. location being a vacated residence and he just saw an older male subject go inside. Unable to locate anyone.

Marked out on a traffic stop on Clinton St. Warning issued.

Caller advising his 1997 red Dodge Ram was side-swiped while he was working. Citation issued, report taken.

Caller advising subject is sending messages stating he is starting a purge tonight and that she needs to keep her son inside the residence this evening. No report taken. Complainant has been advised to block the male subject on Facebook.

Caller advising he just noticed his 1971 Oldsmobile Cutless was struck by a vehicle. He is unsure of when this event occurred. Report taken.

Marked out on S. Washington St. to attempt to serve subject with a warrant. Report taken. Arrest made on Matthew R. Burris.

Caller advising there is a brush fire that is creating excess smoke in the area and he is concerned it’s going to catch the house next door on fire. E102 completed the service run.

Marked out on W. Ohio St. on a house check with probation. Home visit completed.

Marked out at Barthelmas Park with a suspicious vehicle. Checks OK. A baseball game is still going on.

Caller advising he received a call that there are several subjects on top of the E. Franklin residence with a ladder. Checks OK. He has been advised not to return to the property unless an officer standby is requested.

Caller advising she can hear a female yelling out for help and to contact the police. Checked OK.

Marked out with probation on a home visit on E. Franklin St. Recovered narcotics.

Caller advising she was having a discussion with a subject. He took off in his vehicle and shut his phone off. Advised he said “Thank you for the memories.” Information obtained. Officers will BOLO for the vehicle.

Caller advising he was almost struck by a golf cart at Dairy Queen. Juvenile checks OK. Advised no contact was made.

Caller advising she was almost assaulted by her boyfriend at Kroger. Advised he drew his fist back to hit her but did not make contact. No report taken.

Caller reporting as he was walking by a female screaming hysterically and what he described as the sound of someone being hit. Report taken on dispute.

Caller reporting a blue Dodge SUV parked in front of his residence occupied for over an hour. Complainant called back advising vehicle has left and officers can disregard.

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