Circleville Police

Police Report


County called and advised that they had a caller stating he almost hit a male that was walking on RT 23 wearing a hoodie and a Carhart jacket. He was last seen at Pickaway Crossing heading towards McDonald's. Unable to locate. 

Caller advised his ex-wife was at his residence with her boyfriend and they argued and then they left and he wants to discuss this with an officer. No report taken. No disturbance happened. 

Officer marked out at location on S. Court St. due to an open front door. Report taken. 

Caller on W. Mound St. could hear screaming coming from the neighbors. The parents were yelling at each other and the kids were screaming and crying. Caller stated the female left and the dad is there with the two kids and she can hear him say to them that they better go lay down or he will knock them out. Report taken on domestic. 

North door burglary alarm at Pickaway Ross Adult Education on E. Mound St. Checked ok. 

Caller reported a possible drunk driver last seen pulling into Speedway on North Court Street. Checked ok. 

Traffic stop at S. Washington and E. Corwin St. Warning issued. 

Officers marked out at location on Fourth Ave. to check for a wanted person out of Franklin County. Report taken. 

Female used phone at Circleville Fire Station to talk to fire fighter and it came to 911.

Caller from E. Mill St. reported a tree in the roadway. Service department handling. 

Caller reported he repossessed a 2014 Dodge Avenger on E. Ohio St. 

Caller reported he woke up and his ex-brother in-law was in his living room. Caller wished to speak to an officer. No report taken. Questions about civil issue. 

Caller at Defenbaugh Wise Schoedinger Funeral Home requested an escort to Forest Cemetery. 

Caller on S. Scioto St. advised know individuals continue to call and harass him. No report taken. 

Caller requesting we make contact with known individual. Advising he needs to call her ASAP due to a family emergency. Message delivered. 

Caller on Barnes Ave. advising a known individual keeps showing up at the place she is staying and won't stop calling her. Supplemental report taken. 

Caller on Walnut St. requesting sheriff at this residence for an unruly 13-year-old male. Report taken. 

Caller on Long St. advising her 18-year-old daughter who is still in school wants to skip school tomorrow to go stay with her boyfriend. No report taken. 

Alarm company advising of a front glass break activation at Liberty Pawn Shop. Building checks ok. Unable to make contact with key holder. 

Alarm company advising of an intrusion alarm at Pickaway Banking Center. Call cancelled per alarm company.

Caller on 100 block of  W. Mound St. advising of a chocolate lab and brown colored German Shepherd that just chased a young girl walking her dog. Dog warden advised, not responding. 

Caller advising there is a vehicle on fire near the train tracks. Caller advised there is nobody in the vehicle and it is not on the train tracks. Fire extinguished. FD handling report. 

Caller on Logan St. advising as she was walking past the residence, stated she could hear some kind of altercation coming from inside. Report taken. 

Caller on Fairview Blvd. advising of subjects taking items off the back porch of the residence. Stated the house is empty and just recently sold. Unable to give a description. Advised they were parked back in the alley. Subjects not located. Unable to tell if anything was taken. Door hanger left for new owners. Neighborhood residents will call if subjects return.

Unit requesting report for agency assist. Report taken on agency assist. 

PCSO advising of a disabled silver sedan in the intersection of Northridge Rd. and North Pickaway St. Roadway clear. 

Unit advising would be in the area of Pontious Ln. and Lancaster Pk. due to sounds of a possible disturbance. No disturbance found.

Caller from Thirsty Parrot advising he asked a subject to leave the parking lot. Subject sped off in a blue hatchback car and almost hit several parked cars. Caller advised he attempted to follow the car that was driving erratically. Vehicle not located. Requesting extra patrol. 

Alarm company advising of rear motion alarm activation on S. Scioto St. Key holder on scene. 

Caller on W. Main St. advising there is a mysterious backpack hanging from a pole in the alley. No report taken. 

Unit marked out at this business due to subjects on the lot and open door to the business. Owner working late. Checks ok. 

Traffic stop on W. Main St. Been advised of their driving habits.

Officer Baitzel advised the railroad crossing gates are down and mis-functioning on S. Scioto St. Also received another call right after this advising they have been down since 1500 hours. Information obtained and Norfolk Southern Railroad has been advised. 

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