Unit out checking Half Ave. for suspicious vehicle. Male subject got out of the car and took off. Female asleep in passenger seat. Unit spoke with male driver and female passenger. Both advising everything is OK.

Extra patrol on Ted Lewis Park. Checks OK.

Unit going to serve warrant on subject with active warrant at Pickaway County Jail. Report taken, warrant served.

Extra patrol on Hayward St. Checks OK.

Extra patrol on OCU. Checks OK.

Extra patrol on York St. Checks OK.

Business check on Adena Health Systems. Checks OK.

Caller reporting loud music coming from Watt St. residence. No music located.

Extra Patrol on Foundations4Youth. Checked OK.

Extra patrol on Clinton St. Checked OK.

Park check on Mary Virginia Crites Hanna Park. Checks OK.

Business check on Vapors Inc. Checked OK.

Park check on Smith Park. Checks OK.

Park check on Barthelmas Park. Checks OK.

Caller reporting stove smoking on W. Mound St. No flames at time of call. All occupants have been advised to exit the residence. FD advising everything OK. Cooking-related incident.

Caller reporting his 12-year old son is being abusive and hitting and kicking him because he doesn’t want to go to school. Juvenile was not combative. Juvenile was advised to get dressed and go to school.

Caller reporting front door at Crane Plastics appears to have been shattered. No entry made, just front door damage. No report.

Caller reporting a theft from Rural King that occurred yesterday evening. Report taken on theft.

Caller advising of a female subject in area of Brooks Yates who was attempting to bust out vehicle windows on a white utility van. Unable to locate.

Caller advising there is a female subject inside the Hayward St. residence who is not supposed to be there. Checks OK. Left prior to officer arrival.

Caller requesting extra patrol due to a previous incident in which a female was forced to leave his residence due to no longer wanting her on his property. Information obtained.

Caller requesting a standby to retrieve his belongings on Clinton St. Unable to locate the other half of the party for the standby. Non-medical transport on refusal.

BOLO... PCSO advising of a reckless operational vehicle possibly heading into the city from 56 E. Information obtained.

General fire alarm activation at Peebles. False alarm.

Caller advising of numerous vehicles driving up and down Hayward St. at high rates of speed. Information obtained. Has been advised to call back if the vehicles return.

Caller advising there is a yellow and black plane that continues to fly close to her house, advised it is making her feel uneasy. Officer advised that the plane is a crop duster spraying the fields.

Caller is advising there is a broken window on the east side of Atwater Elementary. Information obtained. Contact was made with the former owner who advised he doesn’t own it anymore. Unable to get a hold of new owner.

Caller advising of a suspicious male in the area of N. Pickaway St. that was at her residence today and yesterday requesting a ride. Unable to locate.

Subject on station advising her medication was taken out of her vehicle. Report taken.

Caller on Lincoln Ave. advising of a vicious black K9 that attempted to attack her K9. A message was left for the after-hours dog warden.

Caller advising of two vehicles that appeared to be trying to play chicken with the train on Clinton St. Unable to locate.

Caller advising of two vehicles sitting outside her E. Ohio St. residence near her gate. Checks OK. Vehicle is disabled. Officer was able to help push the vehicle to the side of the road.

Caller at Pickaway Manor advising of a male patient that is being extremely combative and they are unable to control him. Report taken, Medic 1 transported to Berger.

Renick Ave. caller advising of a vicious Pitbull mix that is loose and tried to attack his K9. Checks OK. A message was left for the dog warden.

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