CIRCLEVILLE — This year, more than 100 volunteers will staff the two Circleville Pumpkin Show souvenir booths, which are going to feature several new items and a never-before feature of the Pumpkin Show Pin.

Among the new items this year include sterling jewelry, a bandana design, a pillow, a hoodie, a fidget device, a rainbow-colored cup, an ornament and more.

“Jeff Wagner is a local goldsmith and his wife, Karen, create the jewelry and we’ll have a nice supply of the higher-end jewelry,” Susan Radcliff, souvenir booth trustee, said. “We have a pillow this year, which is the first time we’ll have a home goods' item. If there’s someone from out of town who used to live here, it’s for them.”

Radcliff said the fidget device, something they’re calling a pumpkin pop-it, is also the first of its kind for the festival.

“They’re the latest trend,” she said. “This is also the first time that we’ll have a hoodie, we’ve had sweatshirts before, but never a hoodie.”

Local artist Jamie Mosley designed the 2021 Pumpkin Show collectible pin. The design was originally going to be the 2020 design, but it was updated to be used this year. It’s the first time the outline of Winky has been used in the design.

Despite there not being a 2020 Pumpkin Show, the souvenir part of the Pumpkin Show was something that did take place.

“As far as our income coming in, we were grateful that out of all the departments, we went on last year,” she said. “We ordered a few things last year ahead of time and we were able to sell those.”

Radcliff said it’s exciting and different to have so many new and never-before items at the Pumpkin Show.

“We’re always looking for something new and something from a local artist,” she said. “We want something where they can produce a minimum of 50. We always want something different. We try to be trendy and find things that they like. We’ve already sold the first 100 pillows. They went quickly.”

In addition to the week of the show, Ashville Apothecary will have pre-sales on items, as well as the Pickaway County Welcome Center, which carries Pumpkin Show items all year round.

“It’s very hard to judge how much to order because we’re only open technically four days,” Radcliff said. “We try to have enough for Saturday. We tell people to buy early, but we’ve restocked magnets and pins. Last year, our largest sell of the year was our lapel pin, which said 'Canceled' on it.”

Among the new items, many favorites will be returning, including 2021 apparel with children’s sizes, the Winky plush, pens and more.

“It seems like we sell all the t-shirts first and it never fails that it cools down one evening and we sell the sweatshirts,” she said.

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