Bane, pictured here, is one of the animals Three Pits and a Lady has helped. Bane was rescued by his neighborhood after being abandoned by his previous owner. Due to some medical issues he is now totally deaf and his care came to about $7,000. He now lives at the beach with his foster family who later adopted him.

CIRCLEVILLE — For one Stoutsville woman, her non-profit organization is a way to help other pet owners with struggling to take care of her needs.

Kim Shannon created Three Pits and a Lady in order to help animals in need. The organization provides funding to people who are struggling to provide for emergency medical needs for their animals.

Shannon said she started the organization after an injury to her dog, Hayle.

“On her very first birthday she was in OSU having an extensive surgery on her leg,” she said. “She had torn her ACL in the worst possible way and from there it was downhill for quite some time. She developed internal bleeding from the medication. She burned her eyes while wearing the cone. We were thousands of dollars in debt but would not have done anything differently.”

Shannon said she and her husband sold their four wheelers to pay for the medical bills but that made her wonder.

“What if they had no means to help their pet, would they euthanize their pet solely over money?” she said. “It was an awful thought and one I knew I might be able to do something about.”

So Shannon got to work; she’s held fundraisers and events to benefit the animals she helps from all over the country.

“I made a trip to Arkansas to help a dog with heart worm and subsequently went back when he was neutered,” she said. “I have made some very special friends along the way. I raise money so that a pet owner never has to make a life or death decision for their pet over money.”

The name came from her three dogs, Hayle, Roko and Brodie, who are all pit bulls and is a play on the movie Three Men and a Baby.

“By the time I had decided to start the non-profit I had all three of them and that’s when I decided to give it that name,” she said.

While she has three pit bulls, Shannon said she helps all kinds of dogs.

“I told Rotary when I spoke there that I have pit bulls and I advocate for them but I help any dog that I can,” she said. “We’re not solely a put bull organization.”

Shannon said she has some goals for the organization, including renovating a building that will house a pet food pantry and a resale shop to help earn a regular income for the organization. She also wants to create a shelter that acts as a hospice for dogs that are older and sick to live out their final days.

“I recently visited the Pickaway County Dog Shelter, and there were two dogs there that I would have taken, if I had the shelter open,” she said.

For Shannon it’s not one and done with her organization either.

“It’s not like we pay for the surgery and it’s done, these people become a part of your life,” she said. “Some of these people I hear from once a month or a couple of times a week. There are three people in Newark, Ohio, who have a mom and two of her puppies. I helped all three and they called me when they wanted to bring them together and they wanted me to meet the dogs. The cool things now is they send me notes to say hi and text me on my birthday.”

Shannon also said it was just not her that helps these animals but that there’s a “army of people” behind her.

“I want people to understand it’s not just me but it’s an army of people donating and putting their faith in me. I don’t take all the credit because I don’t deserve it,” she said.

The organization is hosting a fundraiser next week, A Chic Boutique, where they’ll sell clothing, shoes, jewelry and purses to benefit the organization. The events are Nov. 22 from 1 to 6 p.m. Nov. 23 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Pickaway Country Club 1399 Stoutsville Pike in Circleville.

For more information on the organization, email or message the Three Pits and A Lady Facebook page.

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