Aaron Adams

Aaron Adams

CIRCLEVILLE — An 18-year-old recent Logan Elm graduate has thrown his hat in the ring for Ohio House of Representative District 78.

Aaron Adams, a Republican, announced on Saturday he’s running for the office that is currently held by Ron Hood. Hood is term limited and cannot run again.

Adams delivered an approximately 25 minute speech on Saturday in which he talked about why he decided to run, his values, background and the issues that are important to him.

Adams graduated from Logan Elm in May and if elected would be one of the youngest candidates elected to the Ohio Legislature in its history.

“This wasn’t a rash decision,” Adams said of his candidacy. “I’ve always liked politics and I knew a couple of years ago that Hood would be term limited.”

Adams said a lot of people have asked him about his age and experience and whether he’s too young for office.

“It’s a fair question to say if I know what to do or if I’m too young,” Adams said. “Personally I don’t think I am. When I propose my solutions to issues people seem to agree that the solutions I have are valid and something we should give a shot to.

“Even though I don’t have experience in politics, I have experience being in a normal family and being an every day person that gives me insight into the issues facing those people around the district.”

Adams said there are three main issues he’s passionate about, ending the opioid crisis, fighting for higher wages and protecting the Bill of Rights.

“I thought that freedom of speech, religious freedom and freedom against illegal search and seizures would be where people would really get behind me and I’d get a lot of support and that the opioid crisis would be part of my platform,” he added. “What I’ve seen is the polar opposite. I’ve seen the most support and people engaged with the opioid epidemic. I get more cheers for that than anything else which shocked me.”

On the topic of the opioid epidemic, Adams said he’s been disappointed with the lawsuits against drug companies,

citing that after the judgment against Johnson and Johnson came down, their stock prices went up.

“There are two counties in Ohio suing pharmaceutical companies and I don’t have any hope for that,” Adams continued. “It’ll be business as usual for those companies and those people won’t get any of the money they’ve spent on this issue back.”

Adams will be running in the primary against Brian Stewart, Pickaway County Commissioner, who announced his candidacy earlier this year. The primary will take place on March 17, 2020 followed by the General Election in November.

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