CIRCLEVILLE — In what was a difficult year for many organizations in Pickaway County, ArtsaRound’s President Dale Herron reflected on their accomplishments in 2020.

ArtsaRound, a local organization that works to support art and artists in Pickaway County, was still able to have events at their gallery, which was originally going to open right as the state was shut down in March.

“Many of our planned endeavors were heavily modified, and some were canceled altogether,” Herron said.

“However, ArtsaRound was able to initiate several successful events, despite the restrictions and limitations of a prolonged public health crisis. It was tough to sit on unhatched plans for as long as we did, not knowing when or even if they’d ever come to fruition. Eventually, we felt comfortable enough to safely open the Gallery to the public in early June.”

Herron said despite the pandemic, shutdowns and restrictions, the gallery has been one of their more successful endeavors.

“When we opened, we had no choice but to cross our fingers and go for it, and fortunately, the public responded greatly,” Herron said. “We were able to host several big-name exhibits in our inaugural year, including glass artist Jack Pine and muralist Eric Henn. Other noted shows we hosted were the Bob Good/Tonya Bess retrospective on historical Circleville, and glass artist Matt Takas. Most recently, the show featuring the Images of Pickaway Calendar artists has had fantastic community response.”

Herron said, despite the success, there are things he would have liked the organization to tackle.

“There were things we wish we could’ve done, but we definitely ended up exceeding our adjusted expectations,” he said. “The public, local artists and Downtown Circleville have been great supporters to this effort, and we look forward to being a cultural destination for years to come.”

Herron said ultimately, the organization was successful in the fundraising for local art scholarships.

“Funding for the scholarship was once again met through the sale of our annual fundraiser calendar project: The Images of Pickaway,” he said.

“This publication typically meets with great success in our community, as well as providing another venue for local artists. We had a high number of submitting artists again this year, which helped to maintain a quality-filled calendar that is currently being sold at several local locations.”

Herron said that the successes of 2020 were only possible though the help of their supporters.

“As a nonprofit, we totally rely on the support of citizens who want to see our vision succeed. We deeply thank those who have given monetarily through sponsorships, purchases, donations and memberships. We are grateful for those who have donated hours of their time as a volunteer at the ArtsaRound Gallery. We thank the artists who have trusted us to market, display and sell their precious creations. Lastly, we thank the local citizens for supporting us with their attendance and moral backing.”

The ArtsaRound Gallery on the original circle is open now on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., now through February. Currently, they are hosting a winter gallery with hundreds of images from Pickaway County artists.

“We’re hoping that as things relax a bit more going forward into the next year, fingers crossed, we’ll be able to work more with other downtown entities to make some projects happen,” Herron said.

“It’s our goal that a person going to the gallery would never be in the same place twice, there’s always something going on in a new exhibit, class or lecture. We want to keep its dynamic a place to be that would draw people back again and again.”

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