The flock

Bird scooters have landed in Circleville.

CIRCLEVILLE — A few “birds” popped up around Circleville last weekend and all you need is one app on your phone in order to take a ride.

Bird, a company that provides ride share scooters through their app, has been working with the City of Circleville to bring the scooters to the area.

Currently limited by the city limits, residents can use Bird’s app to rent time on the scooters and take them anywhere they need to go. The app also gives a GPS location to any available scooter.

“A growing list of cities, states and countries are looking to micromobility alternatives, such as scooters and bikes, not only as a means of minimizing congestion, but also as a way to maintain current social distancing norms,” Natalie Sawyer, spokesperson for Bird said. “We are excited to work with the city to offer residents safe and sustainable transportation during the pandemic and beyond.”

As part of their service, Bird is currently offering free rides to healthcare workers and emergency personnel.

“To sign up, simply email a copy of your medical identification card along with your name and phone number to,” Sawyer said.

“Eligible riders will receive two free 30-minute rides per day for as long as it takes to help our communities to recover from this global health crisis.”

Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy welcomed Bird to town.

“They are another new business that has decided to open up and we certainly welcome all new businesses that come to the City of Circleville,” he said.

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