A new badge

Circleville Fire Chief Brian Thompson pins Trevor Hubble’s new badge on him following his being sworn in as the newest firefighter Wednesday.

CIRCLEVILLE — Following the safety forces levy in November, the Circleville Fire Department has sworn in its first new hire to the department of 2020.

Trevor Hubble, 25, was sworn in as Circleville Fire Department’s newest Firefighter/EMT this week.

The Hide-a-Way Hills native attended Fairfield Union High School where he wrestled before attending Hocking College to earn his firefighter certification and his EMT certification with Hocking County EMS. Most of his experience with Circleville is through his wrestling.

“I was a varsity wrestler all four years of high school,” he said. “Jared Dilley [former Amanda-Clearcreek wrestler] always gave me a run for my money.”

He has several family members including two uncles and a cousin in the fire service and is a Marine Reservist. His job with CFD is his first in the fire service.

“I just really like to help people,” Hubble stated. “I’m glad to be here and help out.”

Hubble said he’d heard from family members that Circleville is a great place to start your career.

“There is a lot of training here and challenges that could prepare me to work anywhere, although I plan to spend most of if not all of my career here,” he added.

One challenge facing Hubble is that he’s never been to the Pumpkin Show; although he said he is looking forward to it.

Hubble is married to his wife, Maxine, who will start nursing school this fall.

Fire Chief Brian Thompson, spoke about Hubble and said he is the type of firefighter that they wanted to bring in to the city.

“He was one of five we interviewed in the panel interview and we asked them all the same questions and evaluated them on how their answer,” Thompson stated. “We imbed questions so they have to tell us about themselves. He interviewed really well.”

According to Thompson, while Hubble doesn’t have any experience, that’s something the department can use to its advantage.

“He’s someone we can mold,” Thompson commented. “He’s on a great shift, shift two, that can help him. He’s got great certification and is employed with the military.

That’s something we really like is he knows how that structure works and how the chain of command works. We just need to acclimate him to our structure and guidelines. I think he’ll fit in quite well.”

With that lack of experience, Hubble is eager and asks a lot of questions.

“You can get people with experience who won’t ask questions because they think they know everything and how someone else wants to do it,” Thompson said. “We’re in a great situation because he wants to learn how to do things because he doesn’t have that background to draw from. That will make him successful here.”

In addition to Hubble another firefighter should be brought on board later this month.

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