CIRCLEVILLE — The Circleville City Charter Commission is still working on the charter and is providing information to residents via their website while they continue to draft the charter and seek input from residents.

A charter is a legal document that can be compared to a constitution. It specifies a form of government for the city and is drafted by local citizens with the idea to strengthen the democratic process and create a more efficient government.

Voters in Circleville voted to approve the drafting of a charter last year and also voted in 15 members to the charter commission. Once drafted, voters will then have a “yes” or “no” vote to approve the charter.

In a special election held in Circleville last August, voters elected members of the commission to study and draft the charter.

Jenny Rhoads, charter member, said in a press release that in order to meet that goal, charter members have adopted the mission statement, “We aspire to create, design and communicate a form of government that will empower the citizens of Circleville.”

Circleville currently operates under a statutory form of government, meaning regulations (statutes) are specified in the Ohio Revised Code.

“Unlike the ‘one size fits all’ system now in place, a city charter is customized to meet the needs of local residents,” Rhoads said.

“It provides a system of checks and balances and creates a structure that will allow for self-governance, much like a constitution.”

Rhoads said currently, the charter commissioners are researching options, accepting input from citizens and developing a plan to improve the city government in a way that will empower the voters and improve the quality of life for all residents.

“In the spring of 2022, the charter commissioners will publish and mail the final charter proposal to registered voters,” Rhoads said.

“Citizens can review and get all their questions answered before heading back to the polls in August of 2022 for the purpose of voting on whether or not to adopt an Ohio Home Rule City Charter for the people of the City of Circleville.”

Charter meetings are held at 7 p.m. the first and third Thursdays of each month at the Pickaway County Community Foundation Office, 770 North Court Street. Meetings are open to the public and input is encouraged.

The Charter commission’s website,, has information on the members of the charter, meeting dates, members’ contact information and a section on frequently asked questions.

One may also email the charter commission with any questions, concerns or comments at

Stay up to date on information by following their facebook page at

“There is no greater form of democracy on a local level than one that allows a city the ability to take on the responsibility of redesigning its own government to better serve its residents,” Rhoads said.

“The residents of any locality are empowered when the government responds to the voters.”

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