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1st Place: Luke Harder

1st Place: Dallas Marsh

1st Place: Carter Imes

1st Place: Miles Fox

2nd Place: Joanne Russell

2nd Place: Skyla Richmond

2nd Place: Hayden Walker

2nd Place: Colson G

3rd Place: Gemma Russell

3rd Place: Hailey Arnett

3rd Place: Amelia Cline

3rd Place: Aleyah Ingles


1st Place: S Herron

1st Place: Isaac Leonard

1st Place: Kennedi Cox

1st Place: Myka Young

2nd Place: Bryer Redman

2nd Place: Skyler Reft

2nd Place: Myra Hanger

2nd Place: Michael Davis

3rd Place: Katelynne Fulk

3rd Place: Brantley Bowling

3rd Place: C Hardy

3rd Place: Zoey Leo

Class 1 (1st-3rd Grade)

1st Place: J Gordon

1st Place: Ayden Mosley

1st Place: Karis Scholz

1st Place: Brooklyn Steward

2nd Place: C. Fry

2nd Place: Ellie Ruoff

2nd Place: Reid Hammond

2nd Place: Maren Andrews

3rd Place: Adeline Clark

3rd Place: K Cline

3rd Place: G Culp

3rd Place: Connor Gross

Class 2 (4th-6th Grade)

1st Place: Logan Schmidt

1st Place: Carter Young

1st Place: K Williams

1st Place: Asa Kerns

2nd Place: Sarah Crumsey

2nd Place: Olivia Zarbaugh

2nd Place: S. Parker

2nd Place: A. Goode

3rd Place: Hannah Tickle

3rd Place: M Meier

3rd Place: Hadleigh Hoskins

3rd Place: Marissa Anderson

Class 3 ( 7th-9th Grade)

1st Place: Peyton Richendollor

1st Place: Haley Horn

1st Place: Olivia Bright

1st Place: Abby Henderson

2nd Place: Jayden Aker

2nd Place: Riley Fluhart

2nd Place: John Todhunter

2nd Place: Addison Kelley

3rd Place: A Whitt

3rd Place: D List

3rd Place: Nolan Lupfer

3rd Place: Abigal Baker

Class 4 (10th-12th Grade)

1st Place: Auree Entler

1st Place: Izzy Carrol

1st Place: Curtis Hix

1st Place: Erin Gaskin

2nd Place: Aurora D’Phelan

2nd Place: Keller Clouse

2nd Place: Jaymen Salas

2nd Place: Adyla Borgman

3rd Place: A Moon

3rd Place: Wylie Lytle

3rd Place: Meg Warner

3rd Place: Ava Murphy


1st Place: Jim Callihan

1st Place: Shannon Bryant

1st Place: Brian Heddleson

2nd Place: Louisa Heyer

2nd Place: George Bandy

2nd Place: Steve Spicer

3rd Place: Doug Whitlatch

3rd Place: Stephanie Jones

3rd Place: Jim Callihan

Photography — People

1st Place: Amie Bassett

1st Place: Liz Ellis

1st Place: Demi Howard

2nd Place: Julia Kitchen

2nd Place: Jennifer Ketcham

2nd Place: Chris Mayle

3rd Place: Sadie Collins

3rd Place: TJ Cline

3rd Place: Tim Fouch

Photography — Animal

1st Place: Demi Howard

1st Place: Tonya Bess

1st Place: Linda Park

2nd Place: Dixie Walker

2nd Place: Aliva Stump

2nd Place: Kami Martin

3rd Place: Mandy Manering

3rd Place: Haley Horne

3rd Place: Jack Sorrell

Photography — Scenic

1st Place: Kyla D’Byrne

1st Place: Amie Bassett

1st Place: Denise Simms

2nd Place: Marcia Helwagen

2nd Place: Eric Reiner

2nd Place: Tonya Bess

3rd Place: Roland Crabtree

3rd Place: Jessica Crabtree

3rd Place: Melanie Williams

Photography — Misc

1st Place: Keller Crouse

1st Place: Kami Martin

1st Place: Linda Kennedy

2nd Place: Rob Febes

2nd Place: Eric Reiner

2nd Place: Makaila Imes

3rd Place: Liz Ellie

3rd Place: Kristen Noecker

3rd Place: Kinley Whited

Pumpkins Only — Youth

1st Place: Maddie Davis

2nd Place: Layne Rossiter

3rd Place: Drake Dawson

Pumpkins Only — Adult

1st Place: Steve Spicer

2nd Place: Judy Schneider

3rd Place: Erin Horstman

Pumpkins Only — Photography

1st Place: Tonya Bess

2nd Place: Jeff Sutherland

3rd Place: Nancy Weems

Best of Show — Youth (Preschool-Class 1)

Dallas Marsh

Best of Show — Youth (Class 2-4)

Auree Entler

Best of Show

Jim Callihan

Best of Show — Photography

Liz Ellis

Best of Show — Pumpkins Only

Steve Spicer

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