CIRCLEVILLE — For parents of students in the Circleville City School District, registering their children’s medical information and updating contact information for parents is going digital.

Evan Debo, communications director for the district, said on Monday they’ll be rolling out the secure online portal giving parents one site from where they can fill out all the necessary district student forms.

“We’re looking forward to saving our families time this year and in successive years as well,” Debo said. “We rolled it out to staff this week. The goal is to save time time for families and our administrative assistants’ time in gathering information and entering it in to the secure platform. We want parents to be focused on their children and getting them back into the routine for school, not filling out and copying forms.”

The system creates a secure online profile for parents who then can add their children to the profile, creating a centralized depository from where they can receive information regarding the children that the district communicates to them. The portal also lets parents communicate with the district as well. This will reduce the number of forms that need to be filled out if a parent has multiple children in the district. They can also update the information throughout the year without the need to notify the district directly.

“If a parent makes a change to their child’s medical history, then an email gets sent directly to the school nurse who is notified,” he said.

Debo said he got the idea from Teays Valley which made the change last year.

“I talked with [Teays Valley Communications Director Julie DeLisio] last year and kicked the tires on it,” he said. “By and large, it was well received [at Teays Valley]. I’m pretty confident that it will be well received in the end.”

DeLisio said the change has been great for the district.

“Like with any new system, we had some minor issues to work through last year, but overall it has been a positive addition,” she said. “One feature that many of our parents have appreciated is the ability to fill out forms for one child, then auto-populate that information for their other children, rather than filling out the same information on forms for multiple children.

“This school year, parents were able to sign into their child’s account, make any changes that have taken place since last school year then simply digitally sign off for the new school year,” DeLisio said. “We continue to work through any minor glitches that arise, but overall, I think our parents have been pleased with the ease of the system and the fact that it saves them time.”

Among the forms parents fill out are student demographics, emergency medical forms, student health history, transportation forms, early dismissal forms, the technology agreements, photo signoffs, notifications for grant-based programming and the child find disclosure.

Debo said to register parents will need their child’s student ID which is located on the student’s schedule, grade level and date of birth.

“As you set up your account, it is imperative that all phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses are up to date as these will be the contact methods for school-to-home academic communications as well as emergencies involving your child,” Debo said.

Debo said the district mailed out secure codes to the parents of high school students and will present parents of middle and elementary school students their secure codes during the district’s open house on Monday Aug. 12 and Tuesday, Aug. 13

The Aug. 12 scheduled time and grades are 5:30-6:30 p.m. for third through fifth grades and sixth grade students from 5 to 7 p.m. On Aug. 13, kindergarten through second grade from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and seventh and eighth grade students from 5 to 7 p.m.

“Doing it at open house was by design for families if they don’t have Internet at home or if they have questions, we’ll have staff on hand to help them,” Debo said.

Debo also has a populated a list of frequently asked questions, which will be given to parents in a handout and asks anyone with questions to call the school building their student will be attending this year.

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