Food Truck Festival

Last year’s Food Truck and Family Festival was held at the Pickaway County Library. It is moving downtown this year where organizers hope to cut down on lines with an increased number of food trucks while maintaining a relaxed feel.

CIRCLEVILLE — This weekend about a dozen food trucks will take over the 100 block of North Court Street for the second annual Food Truck and Family Fun Festival organized by the Pickaway County Visitors Bureau.

Tim Wilson, executive director for the Pickaway County Visitors Bureau and event organizer said the goal was to create a family friendly event with an easygoing atmosphere. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and is part of the Coughlin Summer Event Series.

““We’re trying to make it a laid back fun day,” he said. “Last year, the whole vibe was very relaxed with everyone enjoying themselves. We didn’t want to turn it into a fracas, we wanted everyone to relax and enjoy fellowship with each other. We accomplished that last year and we hope to do it again this year.”

The event moves from a weeknight in the Pickaway County Library parking lot to a Saturday midday at the Pumpkin Show Park in downtown Circleville.

“We thought it would give people the opportunity to get lunch, walk around downtown for a while and then get dinner before they head home,” Wilson said. “We thought we’d give this a Saturday time a go so it gives more people a chance to attend. We hope that’ll lead into more business for the downtown merchants.”

Wilson said the weather forecast for the event looks promising and that they’ll be closing the 100 block of North Court Street that morning until after the festival is over in the evening.

“We apologize to anyone that [closing the street] inconveniences,” he said.

Wilson said they’d build on what they learned from the Blues and BBQ event in July for the staging of the food trucks and the layout for the event.

“People were able to hang out in the park and the whole street becomes a theater at that point,” he said of the layout. “I’ll be interested to see how this goes because there will be a lot more trucks in the street. I walked it off to make sure we can fit everything. It should work really well and people should be able to come and go.”

There also will not be any alcohol served at the event, Wilson said.

“We feel like people are going to come and go and anyone is welcome to stay as long as they want but were wrapping our mind around how this is going to go and we don’t think alcohol is necessary at this one,” he said.

In addition to the food trucks, Wilson said they’ll have some community members with displays and some bounce house items.

“We’ll have tables and chairs set up all throughout the park and there will be probably 300 seats where people can just sit and enjoy,” he said. “If it’s like the last few days have been, it’ll be amazing.”

Wilson said at the last event in July, people from Washington Court House told him they were unaware of the park and what Circleville has to offer, which is something he hopes events like this do for the community.

“They had never been to Circleville before and they were saying the park was great and they’ll come back to the next one,” he said. “That’s what we want to hear because it means we’re doing something right in getting people here. We want those people and shop and spend time downtown and in the county as well.”

Wilson said about 12 food trucks, including Taesty’s and Pitabilities, will be present for the festival.

“We’ve added a few more trucks because we know the lines were bad last year,” Wilson said. “I think we’ll all be a little more prepared for a bigger crowd to show up like last year. We want all the trucks to have a good day so they’ll come back next year.”

Marty Hayes and Experience Music will be performing from 1 p.m. to between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. in addition to Roundtown Radio playing music during the breaks and before they go on.

“Marty said they’re going to play until they run out of music,” Wilson said.

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