CIRCLEVILLE — The Circleville Township Trustees have voted to deny a rezoning proposal to rezone a parcel of land behind Walmart that could have lead to multi-family housing.

Roughly 30 people came out Monday night at the Pickaway Senior Center to hear from the LDG Multifamily, LLC, the applicant, for the rezoning of about 20 acres of land on the west side of Progress Parkway, which is behind Walmart, near Circleville.

The proposed rezoning would turn the property’s zoning from general industrial (GI) to suburban residential (SR-2). The developer’s plans call for up to 216 apartment units on the property, as well as other proposed amenities inside a fenced community.

The meeting Monday night was the second meeting on the topic since the first meeting was continued so the applicants could take more questions and also due to darkness at the not-yet completed facility on township property.

Zac Linsky, development manager for LDG Development, spoke on their behalf and answered several questions, including how much money the township would receive, what type of housing units they would be building, who would own and manage the property and more.

However, residents came out in droves to speak against the issue. Of those, other than the applicants who spoke, only one person spoke in favor of the development, a representative from the property owner.

Robin Newman spoke about the complex that she called “right in her front yard.”

“We really don’t need it,” she said before asking a question to the trustees. “We don’t need anymore low-income housing.”

Anthony Stepp also spoke, agreeing with Newman on the need of the facility.

“There is a housing development on 104 being developed and there is housing coming to this area,” he said. “It’s not that there’s not enough housing. I’ve seen it and those houses are popping up pretty fast. We don’t need low-income housing; we have plenty of that in Circleville and around town the township.”

Near the conclusion of the meeting, the trustees spoke briefly before closing the hearing and making the unanimous vote to deny the rezoning request.

Bob Kuhlwein, trustee, said they’ve been through this process quite a few times and that he and his fellow trustees would vote in a way they thought was best.

“We’re going to vote for what’s best, not just for the township, but for the city and for everyone involved,” he said. “That’s the way it’s going to be.”

Luhlwein made the motion to deny the rezoning, which was a unanimous vote.

Dale Bower, trustee, shared some thoughts before his vote.

“Pickaway Progress Parkway was developed for industrial use and not housing use,” he said. “I vote to deny.”

The issue is resolved at the township level but could be appealed and if LDG Multifamily chooses to do so, it will be done in Pickaway County Common Pleas Court.

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