James and Terry

Terry Hamilton (left) and James Fausnaugh meet at the City of Circleville Administrative building located on Main Street in Circleville. Fausnaugh stated that Hamilton deserves recognition after he returned over $400 that belonged to him.

CIRCLEVILLE — James Fausnaugh was visiting a local bank in Circleville when he mistakenly dropped his money on the street. Terry Hamilton noticed the money on the ground and promptly returned it to the bank. Now, Fausnaugh wants Hamilton recognized for his good deed.

In the morning on Tuesday, around 10 a.m., Fausnaugh was walking down the street as he just cashed in his pension check at the U.S. Bank located on East Main Street in Circlev.the money seemingly left his pocket. Walking home, he never noticed that his money was on the ground leaving it vulnerable for anyone to take it for themselves.

When asked if he ever noticed the disappearance of his money, Fausnaugh replied laughing, “No. If the bank hadn’t have called me, I would’ve missed it.”

Staff at the bank called Fausnaugh notifying him that his money was secured at the bank. The lump sum of $478 was contained in a bank envelope leaving him curious as to who returned the money. Inside the envelope was Fausnaugh’s receipt making it simple to pinpoint who the money belonged to.

Terry Hamilton works for the City of Circleville as a utility and maintenance worker. Around the time Fausnaugh was walking home from the bank, Hamilton was doing his normal routine of checking all of the parking meters around town.

At first, Hamilton did not pick up the envelope as he was in the middle of his job. After noticing it for a second time, he picked it up and took the money to his van to examine it to see who it belonged to.

“I checked to see if there was any names or anything on it,” Hamilton explained. “I didn’t see anything like that but I saw the bank.”

After noticing the bank’s name on the envelope, Hamilton stated he went straight to the bank to return the lost money. He handed the money to the bank teller working at the time and told the woman that he wanted to make sure the money went back to the right person.

“I did not expect anything in return,” Hamilton commented.

Fausnaugh was stricken and intrigued as to who and why would anyone not take the over $400 left on the ground. He came into the City of Circleville Administrative building requesting to find information for who the thoughtful individual was.

“I wanted him to get the credit,” Fausnaugh told The Circleville Herald. “I talked to the mayor, told him what happened and thought he ought to get some credit for that.”

The Army veteran was very pleased and happy to get his money back and, mainly, that Hamilton is getting the recognition he deserves.

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