Swearing in

Municipal Court Judge Elise Peters (right in red) swears in members of Circleville City Council, their clerks and Law Director Gary Kenworthy. 

CIRCLEVILLE — Circleville City Council held its first meeting of 2020 and announced its committee members before hearing an update from Uptown Circleville.

Municipal Court Judge Elise Peters who was also recently elected in November, swore in members of City Council, the clerk and the Law Director ahead of the meeting.

“Before we start I want to express my appreciation to Peters for being here this evening to swear in all the council members and city officials,” stated David Crawford, City Council President.

Newly elected council members Jeff Hallinin and Tom Klitzka spoke thanking voters for electing them to their seats. Hallinin and Klitzka have served on city council before.

“I’m looking forward to service to the community and working with everyone,” Klitzka said.

“I’ll do everything I can to support the voters and the entire City of Circleville,” Hallinin said.

Crawford also announced the members of each committee and who was committee chair. Barry Keller chairs the finance committee with members Todd Brady and Michelle Blanton. Blanton chairs the safety committee with Katie Logan Hedges and Klitzka. Hedges chairs the judicial committee with members Keller and Klitzka. Brady chairs the service committee with members Hallinin and Theis. Theis chairs the Long Range and Strategic Planning Committee with the other members being Hallinin and Klitzka. Keller was elected president pro-tiem.

“The meeting schedules have been passed out to the local media and we’ll make sure they’re alerted to any changes that occur throughout the year,” Crawford said.

After the announcement of the committees, Josh Ford, chair of the design committee of Uptown Circleville provided several updates including conversations with service director Terry Frazier about maintaining the flower pots so they don’t become an eyesore and to discuss a plan for the hometown heroes banner project to present to committee with a long range plan that people can agree to that will put up the banners more consistently.

Tom Spring, president of Uptown Circleville, shared the success of the pop up art gallery in December by ArtsaRound in the old Marfield Bank building.

“Part of our initiative is to encourage the reuse of our historic buildings Downtown and the value they bring to the community, socially and economically,” Spring commented. “Hopefully we’ll be able to report other great things in the years ahead.”

Hedges spoke during the meeting and told her fellow council members that four applications have been received for the board of zoning appeals and they’re looking for more.

“We’d encourage more and we’d like to have more so if you or someone you know is interested please do apply,” she said. “This is a critical function that will not only help us maintain and preserve not only our heritage but also our zoning.”

Council also appointed Darryl Wolfe as the third person to oversee the Everts Downtown Revitalization District committee, that oversees how the money created by the district is spent.

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