CIRCLEVILLE — Circleville City Council has returned a pair of ordinances modifying the deputy auditor position within the city back to committee for more discussion.

Barry Keller, chair of the finance committee, explained the decision at council Tuesday night. The two pieces of legislation included a pay rate increase for the position of deputy auditor.

“In discussion with our current auditor and HR director, this position is part of the compensation plan, which encompasses a lot of positions within the city the HR director is working on to make a formal presentation to the Finance Committee,” he said. “I am going to make the recommendation to send these back to the finance committee until the compensation plan is ready for a formal presentation to the finance committee.”

Sheri Theis, chair of the Long Range and Strategic Planning Committee, shared an update following their meeting last week.

“Council has decided to put the question of shall a commission be formed to create a charter and to elect 15 citizens to that charter commission on a special election Aug. 3,” she said.

Theis also said Mayor Don McIlroy’s plans are moving ahead for youth baseball this spring.

Michelle Blanton, chair of the safety committee, also shared an update on their recent meeting. Blanton said they discussed safety forces, specifically a part-time firefighter program idea and got updates from Fire Chief Brian Thompson and Police Chief Shawn Baer.

Barry Keller, council member, said he helped facilitate a meeting with the administration and the auditor and treasurer ahead of the April 1 deadline to finalize the balanced city budget.

“We hope to have one more meeting and then forward a recommendation to the finance committee in March with the hopes of passing a balanced budget at the end of March, as required by the county budget commission on April 1,” he said.

A service committee meeting will be at 6 p.m. and the judicial committee will meet immediately after that meeting at 6:30 p.m.

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