CIRCLEVILLE — Circleville City Council will continue discussion on ideas to make changes inside the auditor’s office.

Barry Keller, finance committee chair and council member, requested the two pieces of legislation related to the compensation and elevation of the deputy auditor be held for at least a second reading.

“After discussion with the new auditor and acting deputy auditor, it’s recommended we hold those for a second reading,” he said. “The two ordinances are part of the compensation plan for all positions within the city the HR director is currently working on and revising. That will be presented at an upcoming meeting. Because of that work, the deputy auditor being one of those, this has the recommendation to be held for multiple readings.”

However, a third piece of legislation forwarded on from the finance committee to approve additional funding for contract work in the auditor’s office, while the transition between auditors takes place, was approved unanimously after its reading.

“[The ordinance] deals with appropriating dollars to allow for some contract help to be hired during the auditor’s transition and to prop up the deputy auditor’s salary,” Keller said.

Katie Logan-Hedges, council member, gave an update on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

“They have done some restructuring and I’m pleased to report there are some positive things coming to the BZA,” she said. “They have changed the process so simple variances can come through and they can rule that night. [BZA Chair Rev. Dave Getreu] has also changed the process so they can hear up to three cases per meeting as opposed to one a month and that not everyone has to sign a variance. They feel very good that is speeding things up.”

Hedges said there were still some vacancies and recommended some names to fill those holes.

“They have three vacancies and two alternate vacancies. We had four people apply and it was suggested that we would appoint them in order of how they applied,” she said. “Those appointments were Mike Logan, Katharine Cameron, Brad Keaton and Seth Sias.”

Sheri Theis, council member, said council is looking for people who would be interested in serving on a potential charter commission.

“You must be a resident of the City of Circleville and a registered voter,” Theis said.

City Council Clerk Linda Chancey said CGTV will be live streaming all council meetings via their website at The move is in an effort to be accessible to all of the city’s residents and not just those with Spectrum Cable TV.

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