CIRCLEVILLE — Circleville City Council will once again hear more information on the new proposed zoning code on Tuesday.

The Committee of the Whole meeting is set to take place in City Council Chambers inside Circleville City Hall on Tuesday at 6 p.m. before a scheduled Circleville City Council meeting at 7 p.m.

David Crawford, council president, said if they need more than that hour for community comments and questions, they would adjourn at 7 and re-convene the meeting following the conclusion of the council meeting.

On Sept. 9, council heard from Holly Mattei, owner and president of Crossroads Community Planning, the consultant helping re-write the zoning code, who sent along the first draft in the process.

Following an hour-long discussion on the topic on that date, Mattei took those suggestions and answers to her questions and modified the code ahead of the current meeting.

Mattei sent council a copy of the zoning maps and executive summary. Those documents are are posted to the city’s website for citizens to view ahead of the meeting at

“All the documents that council has in its possession are on the council website for people to review,” Crawford said. “There’s a new zoning map that shows the new zoning areas in the city so people can make comparison to what we have now, an executive summary of what the new zoning tries to accomplish and then the full second draft of the zoning document.”

This most recent draft contains a few changes from the previous version, including new proposed zoning districts, an updated zoning map, more and new definitions, changes to the administration and enforcement of the zoning code and discussion of existing and non-conforming uses, among the other things discussed.

Among the things that Mattei said they need to discuss and potentially revise include enacting a site plan design review, improvements to processes for various application approvals, improvements to fines and penalties, food trucks, recreational vehicle regulations, solar farm regulations, building size limitations in certain districts and more.

Anyone wishing to submit a comment or question ahead of the meeting can do so by sending it to the clerk, Linda Chancey, at

“It’s important to know that this will not be finalized until next year, but we’re on a timetable and now is the time for the public to come in and make suggestions and ask questions,” Crawford said.

Mattei said in an email to Crawford that she would make changes and distribute a third draft after taking the additional comments from the public and council following the meeting.

Crawford said the meeting would also have an ordinance to reappoint the city council clerk for 2022 on the agenda.

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