JoHansen swearing in

Tony Chamberlain, Circleville Safety Director, swears in Jacob JoHansen as CPD’s newest officer.

CIRCLEVILLE — The Circleville Police Department continues to fill positions within the department with its recent addition — Jacob JoHansen, 24, is originally from Chillicothe, and graduated Chillicothe High School in 2015. He was sworn in Monday morning to start with the department.

JoHansen began his career in law enforcement in 2017 after graduating the academy. He’s worked for the Marblehead Police Department and Ross County Sheriff’s Office.

JoHansen said he wanted to be an officer here due to family in the area.

“I like to be involved in my community and surrounding communities,” he commented.

JoHansen said there’s no particular reason he wanted to get into law enforcement but the job drew him to it.

“I always felt like it was a respectable job, I’ve always respected law enforcement and it’s what I’ve wanted to do,” he added. “I like being involved in the community.”

JoHansen is not sure that he’s been to the Pumpkin Show before and has very little knowledge of Circleville.

“It’s going to be a learning experience for me but I’m looking forward to getting into the community and meeting new people,” JoHansen remarked.

Despite no familiarity with the city, it’s made a good impression so far.

“I love it so far, everyone is so nice, respectful, and encouraging,” he continued. “Thank you to the community for having me.”

JoHansen has a girlfriend and two children; a son and daughter.

He will wear badge number 26, a former reserve number. He makes 17 officers with the department, which currently has several supervisor positions that the department is testing for to fill.

Tony Chamberlain, safety director, said JoHansen interviewed well and was an excellent candidate among other candidates.

“[The interview] is really important; with his background and like so many others that we’ve been hiring, he stood out as a great candidate,” Chamberlain commented. “We’re super excited to bring him aboard.”

Chamberlain said the quality of people they’re bringing in is encouraging.

“We’re very happy with the ability to bring people in with both police and fire so far,” he added. “I know both departments are in much better places than they were.”

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