AMVETS presentation

Members of the Circleville AMVETS Post 2256 presented Dog Warden Sherri Rarey with new tarps and other supplies for the Wright-Poling Dog Shelter. From left to right is John Downs, third vice commander; Ed Allshouse, adjutant; Rarey; and Dick Cole, post commander.

CIRCLEVILLE — The community has once again stepped up for the Wright-Poling Pickaway County Dog Shelter with donations to support the shelter and its efforts to take care of homeless dogs.

Sherri Rarey, Pickaway County Chief Dog Warden, said the community has really come to the support of the shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating everything from bleach and dog food to tarps and brushes.

“With COVID the community has stepped up and AMVETS Post 2286 is one of those organizations,” Rarey said. “We’ve also had other organizations, some that we’re not familiar with, step up. We’ve even had people drop stuff off at the gate after hours and we appreciate that.”

Rarey said the people of Pickaway County take care of the animals.

“I’ve always said this but they love their animals,” she noted.

Rarey spoke with the men from AMVETS about the shelter needs, and said the most important thing at the moment is replacing some of the tarps that cover the outdoor kennels. They protect the dogs from the weather and sun when they are taken out during the day. AMVETS came through in a big way.

“Our tarps don’t last long because of the weather,” Rarey added. “It just disintegrates them. We talked about how we use bleach everyday, squeegees, brushes and dog food. AMVETS took me shopping and purchased everything on our list.”

In total the shelter has about 30 dogs, down from upwards of 80 dogs at its peak.

“We do not euthanize for overcrowding,” she commented. “We make room for every dog until they find their forever home.”

Rarey remarked that she just signed up with Finding Rover which is facial recognition software in which lost dogs can be identified by their pictures if for some reason the dog tag is lost or destroyed during the animal’s escape.

“It’s a free software and we’re excited to get started with it,” she said. “We already take pictures of every dog that we intake. We want to thank the residents of Pickaway County who always supports us.”

Ed Allshouse, adjutant with AMVETS, has pets and said the dog shelter is a great place to lend some support.

“We’re always looking for different entities in the county to donate to because we have to donate 25 percent of what we make to charity by law,” Allshouse stated. “We’ve had a good summer, despite the coronavirus, and we’re looking for great places to donate to and this is one of them.”

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