DuPont breaks ground

DuPont held its groundbreaking ceremony on the $220 million Kapton line expansion on the site just south of Circleville. Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart (bottom left) and Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy (bottom right) each took turns addressing the crowd of over 100 that was present for the ceremony.

CIRCLEVILLE — Ground has officially been broken on DuPont’s Circleville $220 million investment in a new Kapton production line at the plant located just south of the City.

Approximately more than 100 employees of Dupont were on hand with local officials to celebrate the occasion. Kapton polyimide film is used in automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, and defense products. The plant is expected to create 46 additional jobs and be in operation by 2021.

“It’s with great pride that we’re proud to celebrate the groundbreaking on our fourth Katpon line,” Steve Irwin, plant manager, said. “Since the 1960s we’ve made Kapton at this site and our technologies and resulting products have been of great value to the electronics industry.”

Brian Stewart, Pickaway County Commissioner, spoke about the importance of DuPont to the community.

“We’re very pleased that DuPont is making this investment in our community and that the company will continue for many years to come to be one of the county’s most notable employers,” Stewart said. “When folks talk about Pickaway County it’s not very long before they talk about DuPont and that’s for good reason. For generations Pickaway County families have been putting food on their tables by making products that improve the lives of their fellow citizens at DuPont.”

Stewart shared how far Pickaway County has come since the current board of commissioners took office in 2013.

“We were coming out of the rescission and the unemployment rate was over nine percent but our county, city, villages, townships and Pickaway Progress Partnership and our schools have worked together to grow our economy and I think the results speak for themselves,” he added. “Over 2,700 new jobs have been created in our county in just the last seven years and that formerly nine percent unemployment rate has been reduced to three percent.”

Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy spoke about the importance of business retention and development.

“When I talk to old employees, they constantly talk about the community housing development they created, that they still call DuPont City,” McIlroy stated. “Fast forward to 2019 and DuPont announced they’re investing $220 million in our community and to this existing plant with the creation of 46 new jobs to a company that’s always one of the largest investors in our county. We than you for that.”

McIlroy said the investment represents the strength of DuPont and the working relationship with Ohio and the local community.

“Pickaway County and the City of Circleville thank DuPont and their employees for producing products that are literally changing the world and we are pleased to welcome this new investment,” he added.

Avi Avula, global business director for DuPont Interconnect Solutions, talked through the timeline of the project, beginning with the announcement of the project about seven months ago.

“It’s been a pretty quick seven months to get us to this point where we can have to mark this occasion,” Avula remarked. “It’s not an announcement we do on a regular basis, this is something that happens once in many years. The last one we had here was almost 20 years ago.”

Ohio State Senator Bob Peters and President of the Ohio Senate Larry Obhof presented DuPont with a proclamation from the Ohio Senate.

Obhof thanked DuPont for their investment and what it shows the rest of the world about Ohio.

“It shows Ohio is still a state where we make things, where we have an expansion of manufacturing and not just any manufacturing but some of the most cutting edge technology,” Obhof commented. “This is a great day for job creators and for manufacturing and industry.”

Jon Kemp, president of DuPont Electronics & Imaging, took the podium last.

“We make two world class products in this facilities and these materials are used to go into next generation devices that allow them the functionality that each of us use everyday,” he said. “Not to mention the exciting emergency opportunities in 5G, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence and those other science fiction ideas that are becoming a part of our everyday life. It’s those materials made at this facility that make all of that possible.”

Kemp spoke about the employees at the plant calling them exceptional employees.

“Those materials are made by dedicated employees that show up each and every day to make this facility successful,” Kemp commented. “My extreme gratitude goes to the employees and their exceptional focus on quality products and customer service that makes our business success a reality.”

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