CIRCLEVILLE — The Pickaway County Board of Elections have certified the results of the 2020 Primary, originally scheduled to take place on March 17.

The primary was delayed until April 28, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and related orders from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. Certifications took place May 14. No races changed hands following certification and the inclusion of mail-in ballots arriving after Election Day, but ahead of the final deadline. However, voting totals were updated to reflect the full and correct totals.

In total, an additional 207 votes were counted during the certification process bringing total voter turnout in Pickaway County to 23.03 percent, with more than a half percent of registered voters ballots coming in after the deadline.

Those vote totals include both provisional ballots that were counted or not in addition to mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

In total 2,758 Democrat ballots and 4,963 Republican ballots were cast, an increase of 74 ballots for the Democrats and 129 ballots for the Republicans. Four additional non-partisan ballots were cast, bringing the new total to 211, and there were no additional Libertarian ballots cast, leaving the number at 12.

In the race for president, Joe Biden received 1,986 votes, up 48 votes from Election Day totals, Bernie Sanders received an additional 19 votes to bring his total to 345, Michael Bloomberg received an additional two votes to bring his total in Pickaway County to 99.

Elizabeth Warren received one additional vote to bring her total to 64. Pete Buttigieg’s total remained the same as Election Night with a total of 57. The remaining eight candidates each received fewer than 40 votes.

In the nomination for the Democrat party for Representative to Congress for the 15th District, Joel Newby received 1,163 votes, up an additional 30 votes following Election Day to Daniel Kilgore’s 941, up 18 votes from Election Day.

Steve Stivers will represent the Republican Party for the Representative to Congress for the 15th District, receiving 4,265 votes, up 102 votes, to Shelby Xavier Hunt’s 511 votes, which is an increase of 17 votes from Election Day.

In the Republican race for Ohio State Representative for the 78th District, Brian Stewart received the most votes in Pickaway County with 2,425, up 47 votes, to Bobby Mitchell with 623 votes, an additional 20 following Election Day. Aaron Adams with 267 votes, up an additional nine from election day.

In the Republican race for Pickaway County Commissioner on the term commencing Jan. 3, 2021, Gary Scherer won the seat with 3,061 votes, up 65 from Election Day to Dale Hoover’s 1,621 votes, up 45 from election day.

When it came to the issues, both Logan Elm School District renewal levies were also approved by voters. The first levy is a property tax levy that generates about $812,000 annually. That levy passed in Pickaway County with a total of 1,475 votes for, picking up 40 votes after Election Day to 824 votes against, which is an increase of 19 votes.

The other levy is a one-percent earned income tax levy that is used for current operating expenses. That levy passed with 1,475 votes to 824 votes against. The levy received an additional 36 votes for the levy and additional 23 votes against after Election Day

The proposed tax levy renewal for cemeteries in the Village of New Holland for Pickaway County voters passed 47 votes to 25 votes. Two additional votes against the levy were counted.

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