CIRCLEVILLE — The Circleville Fire Department has honored three of its own for their efforts in October to save a Circleville girl having a medical emergency at the Homecoming Dance.

Captain Scott Cavanaugh, Lieutenant Mike Stroyer, and Firefighter/EMT Kendall Leland were each presented with a lifesaving award for their efforts in getting Isabella Goff, a ninth grade student at Circleville High School, to the hospital. Goff collapsed at the dance. Also receiving the award but not present for the ceremony is Firefighter/EMT Laura Bray.

“Your quick response in providing aid and assuming the care that was already being provided on scene assisted in an outcome that we all strive for in our duties,” Circleville Fire Chief Brian Thompson said in the commendation letter. “It is my privilege to award you the lifesaving commendation bar for your care, compassion and effectiveness in your lifesaving procedures on that day. You and your crews’ actions exemplify why we are here and why we do the job we do.”

Thompson told The Circleville Herald the care that Hafey and the staff at the school provided was critical in addition to what the four members of the fire service did.

“All those things have to work perfectly,” Thompson stated.

In his nearly 26 years in the fire service, Thompson said it’s the first time someone has made it through; something that Cavanaugh also said of his nearly 15 years.

“We get them to the hospital okay but very rarely do we get the true actual save where they can come up and thank us,” Thompson remarked. “It means a lot to me to be able to do this for them. They know what happened and don’t need the commendation but to be able to recognize them is something that helps morale and pride in their job.”

The award, although not new to the firefighting world, is among the things Thompson wants to start doing in the department to show appreciation to those in the department.

“I wanted something to recognize what these people do very well,” he added. “I can’t say enough nice things about the people in the department. I thought this would be a perfect start. I brought it up when Hafey got his award that we didn’t have anything in place.”

The delay in honoring the four members of the department was so Thompson could order the badges and get everything in place.

“This process and the commendations have never been done before as far as I’m aware,” Thompson continued. “It’s something that shows they’re appreciated and that they’re recognized for when they save a life.”

Looking ahead Thompson said he wants to do more for the firefighters including medals for years of service and other achievements they can have when they retire.

“This is the first of many things that we can do but this is a great place to start to have something that’s recently happened. It’s something they can take pride in and when they retire they can show some of the things they did,” he concluded.

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