CIRCLEVILLE — Thanks to a donation from local business, Healthcare Logistics, Pickaway County Public Health has a new refrigerator that’s used for medical storage.

The refrigerator will replace some units that were purchased in 2009 and will have extra storage in the event Pickaway County Public Health needs to have extra storage for a COVID-19 vaccine. The piece of equipment retails for about $6,9000, not including shipping and installation, all of which was provided by Healthcare Logistics.

“This refrigerator is extremely important for the health department,” Sam Neill, public information officer, said. “We have had service done on our refrigerators that we purchased in 2009 and the last time they came to do maintenance, they told us that we needed to look at getting new refrigerators. We knew that they’re going to have to purchase refrigerators, not only for our internal vaccine supply, but also for COVID-19 when a vaccine becomes available.”

Neill mentioned that Dr. Jimmy Laux who is volunteering with PCPH to conduct contract tracing offered the idea to reach out to Healthcare Logistics while they were discussing their lack of previous space.

“We were all talking about our lack of refrigerator space if a vaccine becomes available and we were trying to figure out where we could place the vaccine once we got it,” Neill commented. “Our space was running out internally and we started asking some of our partner agencies if we could utilize their refrigerators. We came to the conclusion that we were going to need more space internally. Dr. Laux, spoke very highly of Health Care Logistics and said that we should reach out to them about a refrigerator.”

Neill mentioned that he took that advice and went forward with it.

“That is exactly what we did, and Health Care Logistics was extremely generous by providing a vaccine refrigerator to us to assist in the response of COVID-19 for Pickaway County,” Neill said.

Bethany Reid, vice president of administration and marketing at Health Care Logistics, said they have a strong culture for customer service and community support.

“Medical refrigerators are one of our product lines and Circleville/Pickaway County is world headquarters, so it was really what some would refer to as a ‘no-brainer,’” she mentioned. “We felt (the donation) was the right thing to do; we were capable of doing it and so our team made it happen. It goes back to being a strong community supporter, especially in the medical arena. Given the current environment, the local health department has a lot on their plate. This was one less thing they have to worry about now.”

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