Hitlers were county pioneers

Nelson Hitler

    Questions have risen from time to time about the Hitlers for whom were named Hitler Road, Hitler-Ludwig Road, Hitler-Ludwig Cemetery, Hitler Park and other places.         Our Pickaway Hitlers were fine, upstanding citizens, the first of whom arrived in Pickaway Township in 1799.         George Hitler was born May 15, 1763, in Maryland. He married Susannah Gay in Pennsylvania and they came to Pickaway with four of their children, John, Catharine, Jacob and George.

    They had seven more children after coming here: Peter, Abraham, Elizabeth, Sarah, Susannah, Mary and Joseph. These children married into the Gouger, Ludwig, Morris, Evans, Lane, Earnhart and Winstead families and their descendants remain in our county.

    George and Jacob Hitler manufactured their wheat into flour and shipped it down the river to New Orleans. That, plus other business enterprises made them wealthy.

    Nelson Hitler, born in 1833 in Pickaway County, the son of Jacob and Sarah Gouger Hitler, owned 2,000 acres in Pickaway, Circleville and Washington Townships. He was a well-to-do bachelor who maintained a Deer Park as a hobby. He donated $5,000 for a school library at Pickaway Township School and $12,000 to build a chapel at Hitler Ludwig Cemetery, plus $3,000 for perpetual care of the cemetery.

    The residual of his estate went to the Pickaway Township Board of Education to be invested for the purchase of books and the upkeep of the library. The school is still benefiting from his bequest.

    Dr. Gay Hitler, son of George Washington Hitler, was a local dentist, serving our community from 1922 through 1946 from his office on West Main Street.

    Martha Hitler set-aside 26 acres in her will which became Martha Hitler Park in Washington Township.

    Many fine old homes can trace their ancestry to the Hitler's who built them when Pickaway County was young. Hitler School served our youngsters until its sale in 1920. It was located southeast of the David Ludwig residence in Circleville Township.

    These families were established here long before Adolf Hitler was born. They settled and served our county well.

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