Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Hocking County Commissioners signed a resolution prepared by the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, declaring Hocking County a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Seated from left is Commissioners Sandra Ogle, Jeff Dickerson and Gary Waugh. Back from left is Hocking County Sheriff Major Caleb Moritz, Chief Deputy David Valkinburg, Sheriff Lanny North and Hocking Stands United member Ray McQuaide.

LOGAN — With all the rage about Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, Hocking County has now joined the many other counties in the State after the commissioners signed a resolution to the fact on Tuesday.

Ray McQuaide has been attending most of the regularly scheduled Hocking County Commissioners’ meetings since late December of last year.

He has not been there to sit and listen, rather he has been there to encourage the Commissioners to consider turning the county into what has been referred to recently as a Second Amendment Sanctuary. And on Tuesday, the Commissioners agreed to do just that.

Each Commissioner signed a resolution declaring Hocking County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

In a previous meeting, the commissioners advised McQauide to speak with Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North to see if there were any legal issues before they could approve anything.

A few weeks later, Sheriff North released a letter where he stated that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution and that he was working with the cCommissioners to explore what their options were within what the law allows.

On Tuesday, North stood before the Commissioners in favor of turning the county into a sanctuary, asking them to sign a resolution that his office had prepared.

All three commissioners were in favor of this motion. As each of them signed this policy into effect, they each made a brief comment.

“For several decades now, the Constitution of the United States has been under attack and not just the Second Amendment but several of them,” voiced Commissioner Gary Waugh. “We will not authorize or support anything in this county that does not abide by the Constitution of the United States and Ohio.”

“This is the most important resolution I have signed since I have been in office,” commented Commissioner Jeff Dickerson.

“I am happy to sign it but it is a shame our world has come to the point where we have to do something like this,” added Commissioner Sandra Ogle.

The end of the resolution reads as follows:

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Hocking County, Ohio, by the authority granted to the Board by the Laws of the State of Ohio and the people of Hocking County, Ohio to stand and defend their rights and liberties, which are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and Constitution of the State of Ohio, we hereby declare this Resolution to be a Second Amendment Preservation Resolution and declare Hocking County Ohio to be a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary County.’”

The resolution goes on to state that the Commissioners believe the best way to prevent gun violence is to address the growing mental health crisis and hold those accountable who use a political agenda to disarm law abiding citizens.

In the resolution, they also agree to not appropriate funds, resources, employees or agencies to initiate unconstitutional seizures in an area that is not governed by the Hocking County.

McQuaide was a bit emotional after the resolution passed. He said he never thought that this would be approved and receive so much support from the Commissioners.

“This is why we live in this community,” remarked McQuaide. “Hocking Stands United appreciates this and the Commissioners have our support 100 percent.”

He told The Logan Daily News that none of this would have been possible without the support of his group Hocking Stands United.

The group holds meetings that are open to the public. The next meeting will be Sunday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. in the Izaak Walton Lodge on Blosser Road.

Second Amendment sanctuaries have popped up in counties throughout the United States with the intention of prohibiting certain gun measures in an attempt to preserve the Second amendment.

McQuaide previously described the resolution as not meant for creating and changing laws, rather it is for telling the community that elected officials are behind their community.

Some other local counties who have also become Second Amendment Sanctuaries include Jackson, Meigs and Vinton.

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