Hannah Arnold

Hannah Arnold

Hello, I am so grateful to be able to introduce myself here. My name is Hannah Arnold and I am the new intern at The Circleville Herald.

I am a senior at Capital University studying creative writing and English literature. I plan to graduate in December 2021, so I decided that it was time that I got some experience working in the real world.

Many of my peers searched for online internships at large and distant companies; however, I wanted an internship that allowed me to interact with my local community, and The Circleville Herald seemed like a great opportunity to do just that.

Actually, I have appeared in The Circleville Herald a couple times in my life. In middle school, I showed two grand champion turkeys at the Pickaway County fair and I was interviewed and had my picture in the paper both times. When I was showing turkeys at 12 or 13 years old, I never thought that I would be an intern for the same newspaper company that I was written about in, but here I am!

Along with this internship, I have a couple different jobs. Year-round, I work at Capital’s public safety office where I patrol campus and drive students to different parking lots. It’s not saving the world, but I like to think that I play a role in keeping my small campus and fellow students safe.

While classes are in session, I work with Capital’s academic success office as a writing consultant. As a writing consultant, I get to help other students with their papers by offering editing and writing advice.

This is an incredibly rewarding job because it gives me the opportunity to positively impact the Capital University community. Now, through this internship, I have the opportunity to positively impact my local community!

When I’m not patrolling campus or helping students write papers, I enjoy a few hobbies. Given my major, it’s no surprise that I spend some of my free time writing fictional stories.

I really enjoy both reading and writing horror stories; the creepier the better! During my first year of college, a short horror story that I had written was published in ReCap, a small literary magazine. Now, I am a prose editor for ReCap and help decide which stories we will publish.

A horror writer that I enjoy reading is Clive Barker, author of novels such as “The Hellbound Heart” and “Weaveworld”. I know, if I like horror, I should read Stephen King’s work, but I have failed to dive into the horror of Stephen King. Perhaps someday I will read “The Shinning”.

If I’m not writing, I’m often doing something with martial arts. In June of 2020, I began attending jiu-jitsu classes at Grove City Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I’ve loved it ever since.

I would recommend starting jiu-jitsu to everybody, regardless of age or physical fitness. After almost a year of classes and open mats, I can say that jiu-jitsu has had a great impact on my quality of life. Not only has my physical health improved, but I have also made many great friends and found a place where everyone wants each other to succeed.

The only martial art that I participate in is jiu-jitsu, but I really enjoy watching many others. My favorite combat sport to watch is MMA, or mixed martial arts. I have spent many nights watching the UFC, Bellator or ONE Championship fight cards.

I also enjoy watching Muay Thai, kickboxing and amateur wrestling (the wrestling with the singlets, not the wrestling with the chairs). If only wrestling was a year-round sport. I hope that I have the opportunity to cover high school wrestling for The Circleville Herald.

A dream of mine is to cover combat sports news or work with a combat sports company like the UFC. I would love to write about my favorite fighters or aid in the functioning of a big martial arts company. This internship is super exciting because I am finally testing the waters of journalism and paving the way for my dream career.

I am really looking forward to learning everything that I can during this internship. This is a great opportunity for me to not only to gain experience in the journalism field, but also to gain a better understanding of the county where I grew up and the people that live in it.

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