CIRCLEVILLE — For the younger visitors to the Circleville Pumpkin Show, there was plenty to do in the Pumpkin Show Park Friday morning and afternoon.

The day featured performances from the Charmion Performing Arts Center and Jacob Brown music, as well as presentations by the Columbus Zoo and for the first time ever COSI.

The Columbus Zoo brought a handful of animals including an armadillo, a young kangaroo and a two-toed sloth. Children that stuck around after the presentation were able to touch the armadillo and the kangaroo.

Heidi Rogols, entertainment chair of the Circleville Pumpkin Show, said she plans to bring back the day on Friday of Pumpkin Show next year. Rogols said it’s not every day that children of the community get to touch animals like the ones presented or see pumpkins explode.

“Kids Day has been wonderful and the crowd has been amazing,” Rogols said. “We started with Charmion who had the crowd packed out to the street and the zoo had the crowd packed out to the street. The crowd here for COSI was amazing.”

Stephen White, vice president of external affairs for COSI, said it was amazing to be at the Pumpkin Show for the first time. COSI used liquid nitrogen to cause a chemical reaction to explode letters out of the pumpkins, creating the organization’s name and also created clouds as a finishing demonstration.

White said they want to keep kids interested in science.

“We believe that science is for everyone,” White commented. “It can be for any kid regardless of where you live or where you grew up. It can also be for any adult. A lot of the adults in the audience here today were just as excited to see something blow-up as the kids. They can also learn about science in their everyday life.”

Calvin McCammon, animal program specialist with the Columbus Zoo, brought the animals to the Pumpkin Show this year. McCammon said the animals they bring aren’t ones generally seen at the zoo.

“There was a ton of people and 100 people is big for us and this is up there,” he said. “At a community festival, you never know if you could have 10 people or 500 people. It’s one thing to come to the zoo and see the animals from afar, but it’s another thing to get them up close and learn about them. That’s what gets people to care about them.”

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