CIRCLEVILLE — Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy proclaimed “May is Better Hearing Month” at a recent open house at Circleville Luebbe Hearing Center, 1420 Circleville Plaza Dr.

Dr. Mary Lou Luebbe-Gearhart, Au.D President and an audiologist, Renee Blackburn, Office Manager, and Clint Snedegar, Hearing Aid Specialist welcomed the Mayor and Lieutenant Derek Smith and a fellow firefighter representing the City of Circleville.

“Loud music, sirens, occupational and recreational noise exposure can cause permanent hearing loss,” Luebbe-Gearhart said.

As a public service during the month of June, Circleville Luebbe Hearing Center is offering free hearing checks.

Schedule yours, or make an appointment for someone you care about. Call 740-571-4300. Visit for more information. Hear What You’ve Been Missing!

A common myth is that hearing loss is a sign of age. The truth and facts indicate that the Majority of adults with treatable hearing loss are younger than age 60. Does that surprise you?

Similar to other health conditions, early identification and treatment of a hearing loss is important because a hearing loss is a progressive and degenerative condition.

While about 10% of hearing losses can be helped surgically or medically, the vast majority, 90% of adults, benefit from properly fitted hearing aid technology and audiological rehabilitation. Folks hear in the brain, and need to keep the brain and auditory neural pathways properly stimulated.

As the mayor pointed out, untreated hearing loss can affect relationships, impact marriages and affect personal, educational and career success.

“Every citizen should have their hearing checked and treated if indicated,” Mayor McIlroy said.

A Board Certified Clinical Audiologist, Luebbe-Gearhart pointed out that those most at risk for hearing loss are those with diabetes, cardio/vascular disease and high blood pressure, dementia, memory loss and osteoporosis.

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in America. People with mild hearing loss are 3 times more likely to have a history of falling, according to research from Johns Hopkins University and the National Institute on Aging.

Hearing loss increases the risk of dementia 200%-500%. Ninety percent of people suffering from Tinnitus, described as ringing in the ears, crickets, hissing, roaring and other head noises, have hearing loss and can now get relief using specially fitted hearing devices. In most cases, they DON’T have to “live with it“ any more. Years ago that might have been true. but not today!

“We’ve seen grown men cry with joy, and have even prevented suicides by reducing and relieving their annoying Tinnitus,” Luebbe-Gearhart said.

Take this quiz to see if you need a hearing checkup:

1. Family members, spouses or friends comment on your hearing ability. They’re tired of repeating, and-frustrated.

2. TV or radio volume needs to be louder, and bothers others.

3.It’s becoming more difficult to understand speech in noisy surroundings like in a restaurant or social gathering.

4. You hear but can’t understand the words.

5. Others seem to “mumble”, speak too softly or don’t “enunciate”.

6. You “pretend” you’re hearing others by smiling and nodding your head.

7. You’ve stopped doing things you used to enjoy because of your hearing ability.

8. You have ear pain, excessive earwax or Tinnitus.

9. You have dizziness or a history, or fear, of falling.

10. It’s difficult to hear on the phone.

If you answered “YES” to two or more of these questions, it’s time to have your hearing checked. Get the facts.

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