Logan Elm Campus site plan

A copy of the proposed Logan Elm Campus, looking north to Tarlton Road. The state and the school district are putting out a request for bids for architects to fully design the new pre-kindergarten-12 building. New renderings will soon follow after an architect is hired.

CIRCLEVILLE — The Logan Elm School District has moved into the next phase of its building construction and are in the process, along with the State, to hire an architect to complete a full design of the new pre-kindergarten-12 building.

Tim Williams, superintendent, said the goal is still to complete the building in time for the 2022-2023 school year.

“The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (O.F.C.C.) helps establish the timelines since a portion of the money comes from the State but we are excited to move from the planning phase to the project phase,” Williams said. “We are working on putting the [request for quotations] together and that usually takes up to four weeks. Once completed, we’ll put it out to bid and architects can submit bids.

“The district in conjunction with O.F.C.C. will create a shortlist of architects to interview. It is typical to choose three or four architects to interview once, the proposals are received,” he added.

In November, voters approved the levy by more than 500 votes with 54.75 percent of voters in favor of the levy. Logan Elm previously went to the ballot in 2003, 2009, 2013, and twice in 2014 before the levy passed in 2018.

The funding from the State was made possible as part of the State’s capital bill, House Bill 529, that was enacted in 2018 and by Senate Bill 4, passed this year, which added an additional $100 million in funding for these schools.

Williams said the district was glad to have the support, knowledge and the expertise of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission since they have experience in school construction.

“There was a lull with the funding process from the State,” he said. “Now that District’s received funding, they can select an architect, begin the design phase and ultimately begin the construction of the project.”

Williams said had it not been for that delay, they would have already been in the design stage.

“I think the community is ready for the project to begin and the district and Board of Education is also ready to get the project underway,” he continued. “We are probably a little bit behind schedule because of the delay in funding but my goal is still to be in the buildings for 2022-2023.”

Williams said they’ve hired Mike Mendenhall to be the owners representative on the project. Mendenhall worked on the project for Chillicothe School District and he was previously employed at the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

“We’ve very fortunate to have [Mendenhall] on board,” he said. “He understands this process and will be a valuable asset moving forward.”

Williams noted that the district is currently in the process of switching web portals, which will allow people to receive notifications on their mobile devices anytime the district makes an announcement. The goal is to be transparent and provide the public with information about the project and the District. They are currently working on a new webpage and developing an app that members of the community can choose to download.

Williams stated, that he would like to again thank the community for their support of the bond issue last November and their continued support of the students at Logan Elm.

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