NEW HOLLAND — Following up a large grant the Village of New Holland received last week, the village once again has received some grant support.

The grant received this week is a $575,000 Community Development Block Grant administered by the Pickaway County Commissioners who also provided the local match funding of $76,000.

The project will correct drainage issues along South East Street in the village, as well as pave the street and do necessary repairs. In total, more than $1.2 million in infrastructure funding to the village has been announced in recent weeks.

All Community Development Block Grant funds go through the local boards of commissioners for each individual county who then distribute it how they see fit. That funding is usually about $120,000 and then there are additional funds the counties can apply for above and beyond that are competitive.

Village Administrator Christopher Mosley said this grant was a boon for the village especially coupled with the other, previously announced work set to come.

“This is for one of the worst roads in the whole village,” he told The Circleville Herald.

Mosley said the bidding process for the project will start in January and the money for the project would be released next summer.

“With all the projects going on New Holland will be under construction for the next two years straight,” Mosley added.

Commissioner Brian Stewart said the commissioners switched grant administrators and applied for this grant on this project

“We switched because we weren’t happy and now we’re winning grants for considerable amounts of money,” he explained. “We picked these New Holland grants to apply for.”

“It’s been our policy from day one to make sure these funds are prioritized for local governments,” he added. “It’s a competitive program and very few qualify. You’re talking $1.2 million in construction which will benefit the village.”

Jay Wippel, commissioner, said New Holland has approached them in the past but the funds weren’t there before.

“We’ve never had enough money to take care of all their needs so to get this specific project through is big for the village,” he mentioned.

Stewart said there are a lot of villages in the county that need help fixing things that need it addressed.

“They either get it done with grants or it doesn’t get done,” Stewart said. “That’s why we’ve made changes to improve our process here and we’re seeing the results.”

Commissioner Harold “Champ” Henson said echoed Stewart’s thoughts.

“It makes a lot more impact,” he added.

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