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Ohio Christian University is starting a new business focused curriculum this coming semester that will concentrate on health information technology courses.

CIRCLEVILLE — Ohio Christian University has created a new concentration in Health Information Technology for students wishing to earn their bachelor’s degree in business.

Jenny Evans, an adjunct professor at OCU wrote the program using her 15 years of experience in health information management. The program prepares students for a role in the health-care field that helps bridge the gap between doctors, nurses and other health-care providers and their patients.

The health information technology concentration consists of four courses that include an introduction to health information systems, laws and ethics pertaining to health information technology, the fundamentals of the international classification of diseases coding system and a course on electronic health records.

Evans said a bachelor’s in business with a concentration in health information technology is a versatile degree, allowing students to pursue many careers in the sector.

“Employers are looking for a versatile employee who can do multiple things,” Evans said. “This discipline allows the student to have many options to find their niche within health care without having to be in direct patient care.”

Jon Tomlinson, director of business programs at OCU, said the program is all about jobs and designed for working adults.

“In addition to focusing on core fundamentals needed in all business settings, students in OCU’s program learn how to appropriately code a medical diagnosis and procedure to maximize reimbursement and coverage,” he said. “This program allows a student to bridge the gap between clinical medicine and information technology while integrating a Christian worldview that ensures your education is morally and ethically grounded.”

Tomlinson cited a US News & World Report that said roughly half of the top jobs for 2019 are health care related and 10 of the 12 top jobs, are health care related.

Tomlinsion said in addition to the breadth of the health-care field, information technology appears nearly as often, potentially making the degree an in-demand item.

“In today’s technologically advanced society, a job in health care doesn’t mean years and years of schooling to become a doctor,” he said. “A degree in health information technology is a way to be involved in two ‘best jobs’ areas at the same time, health care and information technology. A degree and career in health information technology also allows someone to make an impact in someone’s life while avoiding the negative, or ‘gross,’ part of health care.”

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