The Ohio Department of Transportation has proposed to close the intersection of Huston Street and US 23 for safety concerns in both directions. The City of Circleville is seeking input from residents for ODOT in the area on the matter.

CIRCLEVILLE — The City of Circleville is looking for input from residents on a proposal concerning the intersection of Huston Street and US Route 23.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) reached out to the city and proposed either closing the intersection or making it right turn only.

Mayor Don McIlroy said the intersection is something the administration has discussed for many years due to the danger of the intersection and lack of visibility over the hill.

“We discussed many years ago to either close that intersection or make it right in and right out only,” he mentioned. “Most recently, ODOT approached us and said they’d like to work on this project.”

McIlroy said he previously sent out a letter, on June 1, to property owners in the area about the proposal but had not heard a response.

“We stated in that letter that there have been several accidents at that location and a solution for safety reasons must be discussed,” he explained. “We then outline the two options, closing the intersection at the end of Huston Street, giving no access to US 23, or to make the intersection right in and right out only.”

McIlroy said they’ll be sending the letter out again, but in addition to property owners in the area, they want to hear from anyone who might use that intersection regularly.

“I think ODOT is in favor of closing and I think we’re in favor of closing but we’ll also take people’s input,” he added. “The right in/right out is another option, it’s not one we think is the right option, but the right in/right out is still an option. We just want to hear from folks and what they think.”

McIlroy said safety is the reason why ODOT is taking a look at the project with the city.

“I know that I travel 23 quite a bit and there are so many people that cross over and coming off the hill, it’s tough to see,” he said. “It’s a safety thing for us.”

Terry Frazier, service director, agreeing with the mayor, shared his support for changes to the intersection.

“It’s a dangerous intersection and we have an opportunity to eliminate the danger,” he commented.

McIlroy said both ODOT and the city want to do what’s in the best interest of the citizens of the city.

“We think closing it is the best solution,” he remarked. “With the connector, we have another way to cross.”

McIlroy said either way, ODOT would fund the project when the time comes.

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