CIRCLEVILLE — More than 100 women of Pickaway County gathered this week and donated nearly $12,000 to the Yamarick Family Fund in honor of Dorris Yamarick.

As a part of the 100+ Who Care Alliance a national organization, a Pickaway County chapter of 100+ Women Who Care began this week.

Jan Shannon, executive director for the Pickaway County Community Foundation, said the 100+ Women Who Care is a “true giving circle.” Each woman who attends donates $100 to a cause and gives an hour of their time. The goal is to do the event twice a year.

“The people who join this group will vote on non-profits in the future to give their checks to and every woman at the table will donate $100 to that non-profit,” Shannon stated. “We gave over $12,000 away Thursday night.”

Shannon, Donna Solovey, Susan Metzger and Judy Clifton all came together to get the ball rolling. Shannon said it was her dream to do a Women Who Care since she started at the foundation.

“When Susan started at PCCF it was something I had her research,” Shannon said. “We just had not figured out a way to make it happen. One day Donna and I were talking and I found out she had been to one and we had the same dream. As the vision became reality, through Donna’s experience we were able to glean information from other 100+ Women Who Care to determine the guidelines and start thinking.”

The first round of donations will be made to the Yamarick Family Fund in honor of Dorris Yamarick. Yamarick was co-founder of the Pickaway County Community Foundation and was involved with Haven House, a domestic violence shelter in Pickaway County and Hospice of Pickaway County.

“When we lost Doris this spring, it seemed like a perfect way to honor her and get the circle going,” she continued. “The four of us put our heads together, came up with a list of people and invited them to get started. Those who were invited were asked to share the information.

“It was geared towards a strong female leader,” Shannon said. “Going forward members at the table will choose what non-profits we’ll support that is from each of them around the table.”

Shannon said the current plan is to meet twice a year, the next time on March 12 and then Nov. 12 next year.

“You don’t have to commit a lot of time, it’s one hour of a day and $100 twice a year so you’re looking at two hours and $200 a year from each person that’s going to make a $20,000 plus impact to the county each year,” she said.

Shannon said the group is open to any woman who wants to participate and join. Information ahead of the next meeting in March will made available through the Pickaway County Community Foundation.

“This is not an exclusive group — we want anyone interested to come,” she said.

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