CIRCLEVILLE — In an effort to better tell the story of Pickaway County, a marketing plan backed by the business, tourism, development and government communities is nearing completion.

Ryan Scribner, economic development director at Pickaway Progress Partnership (P3), Pickaway County’s economic development entity and Marlee Martin, executive director of the Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce, visited the Pickaway County Commissioners to share updates on the progress of the countywide marketing plan that is currently underway.

The Chamber, P3, The Visitors Bureau and Pickaway County have partnered on the project to bring unified marketing and themes together, choosing to work with a consultant, Fahlgren Mortine, a Columbus-based advertising agency, hired to create the plan. They’re the designers behind the “ColumbUS” campaign, which turned into a easily identifiable marketing logo.

“They will help us with a countywide and community wide marketing and branding strategy,” Scribner said. “The idea is that we’ve never really done this before and we want to do a better job of telling what we feel is a really good story of what the community has to offer to the greater, rapidly growing Columbus market.”

Scribner said Fahlgren Mortine has spent time in the community.

“They’ve talked with community leaders, small and large business leaders, and stakeholders,” he commented. “They’ve toured the county from Laurelville, to Commercial Point to Rickenbacker to out to Williamsport. They’ve been all over the county.”

Scribner said they wanted an objective third party to take a look at what the county has to offer.

“We wanted to see how the world views us,” Scribner added. “They absorbed all that and talked about things like taglines and logos and colors and fonts and things that help express who we are. We’re through that process now and we’re coalescing around some themes and ideas.”

Scribner said once designs are finalized, they’d pivot and begin to use that marketing tool and strategy.

“Activate the brand is the term that they use,” he noted.

Martin said she’s excited to be working together with the other entities.

“We’re really excited for the next steps and looking forward to rolling it out,” Martin remarked.

Scribner said being a county resident and listening to what Fahlgren Mortine has begun to put together and shared what they learned gives him a lot of pride.

“I was proud as a Pickaway County resident for them to recognize what we all maybe take for granted and they’ve recognized that we have a special community, a unique approach to our business and how we do things, that we’re creative and collaborate and resourceful,” Scribner stated. “That was a compelling thing for them and you’ll see some of that as we move forward in the messaging and imagery.”

Martin agreed with Scribner.

“It’s great to hear an outsiders perspective on Pickaway County. They’re from the Columbus market and it’s only 40 minutes away. To hear we’re doing great things and the right things and that we’re attractive is awesome.”

Scribner said the marketing plan is low hanging fruit for local businesses and travel and tourism to take advantage of.

“Pickaway County is a great place,” he said. “We’re not perfect but we have a lot to offer here. That’s what we’ve asked [Fahlgren Mortine] for their help in, to express to the outside world.”

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