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CIRCLEVILLE — The board of trustees of the Circleville Pumpkin Show has announced some changes to the show this year.

Among the changes include moving forward with second-grade students for the Little Miss Pumpkin Show, instead of first-place contestants.

“This is a significant change to participation as we will no longer be accepting those in the first grade,” the board wrote in a press release. “The change will allow those who might have been contestants in 2020 to participate and will allow the Circleville Pumpkin Show to have slightly older contestants going forward as they represent us at other festivals and parades throughout the year.”

In addition to this change, all entries for Little Miss Pumpkin Show will also be completed online only at www.pumpkinshow.com starting on Sept. 1. The entries must be completed and submitted by Oct. 13.

Changes are also coming to Miss Pumpkin Show moving forward as each of the county schools will select two junior candidates instead of a senior candidate.

“This is a change to participation as we will no longer have high school seniors participating,” he said. “This change was made to ensure that Miss Pumpkin Show and her court are available to travel throughout Ohio during the year representing Circleville Pumpkin Show.”

Baby judging is also changing this year and will the held before the baby parade at the Pickaway Agriculture and Event Center in Circleville.

The times have also changed: baby boys and baby girls — zero to five months — will be at 9 a.m., followed by twins/triplets at 9:15, then baby girls and boys — 6-12 months — at 9:30, 13-20 months at 10 a.m., 21-27 months at 10:30 a.m. and 28-35 months at 11 a.m. The prettiest stroller and most artistic stroller wagon or float will be judged at 11:30.

Registration for the baby judging and parade will be online only starting Sept. 1 at the organization’s website and entries must be submitted by Oct. 13.

Changes to the Big Wheel Race are also happening as children ages four to six can participate in 2021 only.

“This change was made as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the board wrote in the release.

Registration for the Big Wheel Race will be online only starting Sept. 1 and all entries must be completed by Oct. 18. Participants must be pre-registered to win. Check in is the day of the race at 1 p.m. The race starts at 1:30 and runs until 3 p.m. at the Pinckney Street Stage.

One of the other big changes is also coming to the rides at the 2021 Pumpkin Show.

“The Circleville Pumpkin Show is also proud to announce that amusement rides for the Circleville Pumpkin Show will be provided this year by Poor Jack Amusements, Inc. of Milton, Indiana. Poor Jack Amusements history dates back to 1944 when the company founder, Jack Bohlander, was introduced to the carnival business by his father.

To this this day, Poor Jack Amusements is still owned and operated by his wife, Patrician, and their five children and families. It has grown to be one of the premiere amusement companies featuring a combination of modern-day thrill rides such as the “Freak Out” and “1001 Nachts,” to family favorites such as the carousel and ferris wheel.”

The Circleville Pumpkin Show is being held in Circleville for the 114th time following no show in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will take place on Oct. 20 through Oct. 23.

“We invite you to mark your calendar and join us for the ‘Greatest Free Show on Earth,’ the Circleville Pumpkin Show,” the board concluded.

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