CIRCLEVILLE — A Circleville resident has come forward to ask for his street, which is considered by the city to be a private road and not a publicly owned street, contrary to records he found, to be serviced by the city.

Jason Beavers, who lives on Johnson Drive inside the city limits of Circleville, spoke at city council this week to ask about getting snow removal and repairs made to Johnson Drive, which is north of the intersection of Linden Lane and Pickaway Street.

“To the best of my knowledge, Johnson Drive is a platted city-owned street,” Beavers said. “There’s a city sign at the beginning of the street and it shows up in city records as a city street, according to my research. The problem we have is the city does little to nothing to maintain Johnson Drive. The road is not paved and we do not get any snow removal from the city. My main reason to be here is to get snow removal services for Johnson Drive and to get Johnson Drive paved.”

Beavers said he asked the previous homeowners why the street hasn’t been paved; it’s because they were told it wasn’t a city street, but rather a private one.

“They said that city officials said that Johnson Drive is a private drive, but I have records that say that it is not,” he said. “I have a picture of the plat that was created in 1951.”

Beavers spoke about several families and properties in the area that use the road, in addition to delivery drives and that it is the only access point for one property.

“Please understand that it is not just my family that uses and benefits from Johnson Drive being paved, but it really is a publicly used road and a public-confined utility that should be paved and receive snow removal,” he said.

Beavers said residents in the area have put down new gravel on the road over the last 30 years and that expense will be coming around again.

“My hope is that I won’t have to pay that again to take care of a city street outside of my normal tax dollars,” he said.

After Beavers spoke, Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy said he’d have the service director, Terry Frazier, look into the matter.

David Crawford, council president, said this wasn’t the first time that this issue has come before city council.

“Having the area plated and the street dedicated are two different things,” Crawford said. “There are streets inside the city that have not been dedicated and remain private. You’re on the right track in talking to the service director. I’ve been around for a few years and that street has never been touched.”

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