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U.S. Congressman Steve Stivers, Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart and Ryan Scribner hear from a representative of The DeLong Company on their soybean operation in the Rickenbacker Intermodel area in Northern Pickaway County. Their facility is nearing completion and will be operational later this month.

CIRCLEVILLE — Pickaway County leadership, including U.S. Congressman Steve Stivers, took a tour of the Rickenbacker Intermodal area in Northern Pickaway County Thursday, hearing updates from companies and developers on how things are going.

The officials took a tour of Amazon’s warehouse, where they ship bulk items over 50 pounds, met with and toured the Delong Company and heard about their soybean distribution business that will soon be open and then met with representatives of Duke Reality about what the future for some of the undeveloped sites.

Stivers talked about the different variety of investments that has been made in the area and what it means for Pickaway County.

“They are all in different segments but they’re all additive to the economy,” Stivers said. “The Delong Company will help farmers; Amazon is a lot of added jobs and capital investment. We’ve seen a little bit of everything. It’s also great to see the continued growth that’s about to happen with the land that’s about to have a pad put on it.”

Stivers said he also heard that companies like working with the Pickaway County leadership and that the process was easy — something he called — great news.

“They all seem excited about being here,” he added. “I think it all speaks volumes to the leadership we’re seeing at the county level from Ryan Scribner and the county commissioners to be committed to growing jobs and continuing to grow the tax base. It’s great to be a partner at the federal level to help make these things happen.”

One such way that the federal level helped was with the TIGER Grant that was applied for and received to help build the road that made all the development possible.

“I’m excited we got that done, it was something I took lead on, and I’m proud it’s going to help do things here,” Stivers commented.”

Ryan Scribner said the day that grant was announced the phone started ringing in many different directions from the local level to federal.

“In the absence of that support to get this started none of this development is viable here,” Scribner said. “It started at the local level to have the commissioners adopt it and then moved to the regional and state level and they enlisted congressional support and we got a lot of money to build the road to support these thousands of jobs.”

Brian Stewart, Pickaway County Commissioner, said it’s satisfying to see the last 15 years of work come together and continue to grow.

“We had to get those first initial wins of 50 jobs here and 50 jobs there to justify the roadwork to then justify to other employers that they can make it work for 1,000 new jobs,” Stewart added. “We saw that today and that would have been unthinkable five years ago, 10 years ago. I think it’s encouraging to see you can do any type of business you want to get done and can compete with any county, town or state. It’s also a reminder of how many people and entities had to be rowing in the same direction to get something like this done.”

Stivers said he also is able to receive and give ideas on how to keep moving the needle. As an example, transportation is an issue to the area, something he said he and Scribner could work together on.

“They’re working to bring transit to Circleville all the way here and I’ve got an idea from another county that we could do here. It’s always good to unlock those ideas in the things we need,” Stivers concluded.

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