Treasurer Drive-thru

Pickaway County Treasurer Ellery Elick shows off the new drive-thru system at the treasurer’s office.

CIRCLEVILLE — Visitors to the Pickaway County Treasurer’s Office have a new way to interact with the office.

Now that the office has moved from the Pickaway County Courthouse to 110 Island Road, a drive-thru has been installed on the eastern side of the building that faces Island Road.

Funding for the drive-thru was paid for with CARES Act money. It was a total of approximately $12,000 to do the concrete work, curb cut, awning and other physical transformations and $16,000 for the system itself.

Ellery Elick, treasurer, said it’s now open for the public to use.

“It’s a real plus for us,” Elick said. “It’s something I’ve wanted ever since I took over 18 years ago. It’s really easy to operate and if you’ve gone through a bank drive-thru, this is basically no different. Having it open ”

Elick said they do have some stipulations for people using the drive-thru, mostly for weight and speed.

“Just like any other drive-thru, we can’t take any rolled coins or heavy coins and we’d like to limit it to a maximum of 10 tax bills,” he said. “Any more and it becomes too heavy and we don’t want to hold up the line.”

A drive-thru couldn’t be implemented at the courthouse due to the location of the buildings.

“That was one issue with the courthouse; we had no means of putting in the drive-thru system,” Elick said. “There also were the steps. The new office is the best of both worlds being on the ground level and having a drive-thru.”

Elick said a few people have already used the new system and things are working smoothly.

“We’re pleased with the results,” Elick said. “The staff has gotten very efficient on it in the last two days. It’s really easy to operate.”

Elick said some of the signage for the drive-thru still hasn’t come in, but they’re asking people to enter the drive-thru from the north entrance and leave through the main entrance to the building to the south.

“The drive-thru has the regular hours that we’re open, 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” he said.

Elick said while the drive-thru is an easy method for payment, all their other forms including inside the office, online and via the mail is available.

“Feb. 19 is the due date for tax collection,” Elick said.

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