CIRCLEVILLE — A local alliance of women gathered this week to give in mass to a charity voted on by their group, this time around of selecting Box65 as their beneficiary.

As a part of the 100+ Who Care Alliance, a national organization, a Pickaway County chapter of 100+ Women Who Care began in 2019 and has since donated thousands to local charities. Each woman who attends donates $100 to a cause and gives an hour of their time. The goal is to do the event twice a year.

This time around, the women heard from three nonprofit groups: Haven House, Box65 and Three Pits and a Lady. Each group was given 10 minutes and took questions from the women about their organization.

Box65 is a scene support unit that provides recovery and relief to first responders on the scene of major events, such like a house fire. To date their biggest event was the Hocking Hills Lodge Fire, but they’ve made hundreds of runs in their 10 years of service.

Mark Adkins, founder and chief of operations, said the money would be a huge benefit to the organization, which has had a tough time receiving funding due to changes in grant funding.

“I’m lost for words at this point in time,” Adkins said still reeling from the announcement. “This is going to help us so much for our aging equipment that needs replaced. That’s the big thing. A lot of our equipment that we have is 10, 11 years old. Stuff we’ve had since we first started.”

Adkins said the fundraisers the organization has keeps them operational day-to-day and year-to-year, paying for the snacks and drinks on the truck, fuel and insurance, but after all of that is taken care of, there isn’t much left over.

“If we have something left over, we try to take a look at that, but we have all the snacks, Gatorade, water, and sure we get some donations, but we have to go out and buy a lot,” he said.

“That’s our priority and unfortunately, the way some of the grants have changed, we’re no longer eligible for them. We’ve not been able to go and get replacement equipment, but with this funding, we can look at getting some of that equipment replaced on the trucks.”

Adkins said among the items they need are new radios and new chairs.

“The chairs we have are rated for 300 pounds and they’re starting to show signs of wear,” he said. “We don’t want them to break with someone sitting in them.”

Greg Meyers, captain of Box65, said the winter months are most expensive because of increased fuel costs due to running heaters and the frequency they go on runs.

“I just put $200 and some in gas in the truck yesterday,” Meyers said.

In addition to hearing from each of the prospective donation recipients, the recipient from the last event spoke about the impact the donation made on them. The women selected the last recipient, Touched By Cancer, earlier this year.

The mission of Touched by Cancer is to “provide oncologic massage, yoga, relaxation therapies and education to those touched by cancer with the purpose of empowering individuals to create the optimum conditions for improved healing of the mind, body and spirit.”

Suzanne Trego, treasurer for Touched By Cancer, shared their update. They’ve added an additional service to their organization; acupuncture.

“Through the overwhelming generosity of 100+ Women Who Care, $8,800 from 87 women was donated to the nonprofit, helping us reach the goal of adding acupuncture to our services,” she said.

“We chose acupuncture from [Founder and Cancer Survivor P.J. Tosca]’s experience with it and how healing it was. Your donation has allowed us to enlist the service of an acupuncturist at no cost to the patient.”

Trego read a few testimonials from different patients; some sharing their names and said Touched by Cancer plans to continue to offer the service moving forward.

“Once the money has been spent, due to the additional benefits provided by acupuncture, Touched By Cancer will continue to offer it at no cost through our other fundraiser efforts,” she said.

If you would like to participate in 100+ Women Who Care, please contact the Pickaway County Community Foundation to get involved by calling 740-477-6207 or email The next gathering of 100+ Women Who Care is to be held on March 10 with additional details to be announced.

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