CIRCLEVILLE — Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Pickaway County’s 100+ Women Who Care, continued their pledge and chose their organization to support.

This year’s choice was Hope House, a men’s homeless shelter that opened in 2018 to address the need for lack of housing options for homeless men in Pickaway County. Hope House now serves the community by offering an overnight shelter to men and men with families from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily.

“Hope House offers a holistic solution to homelessness by offering a comfortable environment with all of the conveniences of home,” Jan Shannon, executive director of Pickaway County Community Foundation and member of the 100+ Women Who Care.

“All of their guest has access to laundry facilities and a place to take a hot shower. Additionally, they provide dinner and breakfast during their stay, and a packed lunch that they can take with them for the following day. Their commitment to creating a positive impact for the homeless men in Pickaway County significantly benefits the community. For this reason, the 100+ Women Who Care selected the Hope House of Pickaway County to receive the award.”

As a part of the 100+ Who Care Alliance, a national organization, a Pickaway County chapter of 100+ Women Who Care operates as a giving Circle. The women meet and then each donate $100 to a particular cause, in this case — Hope House, the previous beneficiaries include the Yamarak Fund at PCCF, Haven House, a domestic violence shelter, and Hospice of Pickaway County.

“Pickaway County’s 100+ Women Who Care did not let COVID-19 stop them from making an impact in their community,” Shannon said. “This group of women came together because they want the opportunity to support the nonprofit organizations of Pickaway County. In March of 2020, they were supposed to meet to select the first nonprofit who would receive $100 from each woman who participated.”

Normally, the group would meet in-person to discuss their choice for who would receive the money, but this year, that was done virtually through an online vote.

“During this difficult time, it is crucial that people in the community come together to support those who need it most,” Shannon said. “Pickaway County’s 100+ Women Who Care are dedicated to make impactful change within this community. Each woman makes a personal commitment to contribute $100 semi-annually to a nonprofit organization selected by the group’s majority vote. The selection process begins when three nonprofit organizations are selected randomly, out of all of the nonprofits that are registered to participate.”

Shannon said they’re planning to meet Feb. 1 for their next drawing and are encouraging other nonprofit groups to join their list to receive support.

“There are currently 15 nonprofit organizations that are registered to participate in the upcoming Pickaway County 100+ Women Who Care award process,” Shannon said. “If your nonprofit organization is not registered to participate and you would like to be considered for the 2021 award process, please register with the Pickaway County Community Foundation by Feb. 1.”

Those looking to get involved can do so by contacting Shannon at 740-477-6207 or by emailing Shannon at

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