CIRCLEVILLE— The Final Event of the Coughlin Summer Event Series, the Pickaway County Food Truck Festival, took advantage of good weather, a different location and food trucks on it’s way to becoming one of the more popular events in the series.

Tim Wilson, executive director of the Pickaway County Visitor’s Bureau, said based on their estimations that about 1,500 people came to the event.

“I’ve spoken with the food truck vendors and they all had a great evening,” Wilson said. “They did well and sold a lot of food and are looking forward to coming back next year. Everyone I talked to told me they had a good evening, some people were concerned about the wait and some of the lines, but the vendors were cranking it out. The band was great, we had great food and good socializing in town. I ran into some people from out of the county who came for this event. An event like this is a great thing to showcase our town.”

Wilson said the weather was perfect and the location worked out.

“We looked at it on Google Maps before we did anything and I said if we lined it out right we could make a food court out of it almost,” he said. “That’s exactly what we ended up doing and it worked out well. People were able to parking behind the Berger building and at the former Carnival lot. They were able to get in and out safely.”

Wilson thanked the library for allowing them to use the location, noting it was a great option to bring people towards the northern part of Circleville.

“I really thank the library for hosting us and thank them for using the lot,” he said. “It made for a really fun event to do on the north end of town. It’s a great location.”

Wilson said this is the final event of the series for 2018, and he looks forward to bringing the food truck festival back next year.

“With the popularity of food trucks and the huge attendance last night, it lets us know people are interested in food trucks,” he said. “We’ll be back next year bigger and better than ever, hopefully. We haven’t figured out the dates and where yet, but it’ll be in the schedule for 2019.”

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