Lucas Breniser

Teays Valley senior

Coach Mark Weber on Breniser: “Lucas is one of the biggest guys on the field every week, he plays hard and he played injured most of the year. He showed his toughness and was able to produce eight-to-nine pancakes a game. His knowledge of the game really progressed in his second-year starting.”

Kade Kirkpatrick

Teays Valley senior

Coach Weber on Kirkpatrick: “Kade was our brain of the offensive line, calling out all the protections and run plays. He was the QB of the offensive line. He didn’t start all 10 games last year, but he really committed to the weight room, lost 50 pounds and really flourished on the offensive line this season.”

A.J. Moniaci

Teays Valley sophomore

Coach Moniaci on Weber: “A.J. is going to be one of the biggest kids in the league the next two seasons. He plays hard and he really picked up and did well on pancakes and taking on double teams as the season progressed.”

Joey Truman

Westfall junior

Coach Brad Smith on Truman: “Joey played every snap at left tackle. He just started out pretty good and continually got better as the season progressed.”

Evan Valentine

Logan Elm senior

Coach Terry Holbert on Valentine: “Evan had a major impact on our team this season. He was a young man we counted on to play both ways, which sometimes is challenging, but Evan is mentally tough and made a big impact on both sides of the football.”

Michael Clark

Circleville sophomore

Coach Luke Katris on Clark: “Michael is a kid who came on really strong and got a lot better as a blocker. He was on the right side of the line and we ran behind him a lot. Michael is a kid we are going to lean a lot on over the next two seasons, because he has very good leadership skills and he’ll continue to get stronger and even more physical.”


Tristan McDanel

Teays Valley senior

Stats: 172 carries for 983 yards and 11 touchdowns; 37 of 72 passing for 570 yards and six touchdowns

Coach Weber on McDanel: “Over the last two seasons Tristan has been the guy who grinds in the weight room, both morning and night. He’s loyal to his coaches, his teammates and gets those tough, gritty yards on game night.”

Conner Robinson

Logan Elm junior

Stats: 116 of 239 passing for 1,568 yards and 15 touchdowns; 306 yards rushing and six touchdowns

Coach Holbert on Robinson: “Conner is a football player and that’s evident by how hard he plays on Friday night. Transitioning from defensive back to middle linebacker and doing it well goes to show his mindset. He’s a leader and he’s committed to doing everything he can for the team. He loves the game of football.”

Marcus Whaley

Westfall junior

Stats: 71 of 120 passing for 817 yards and 11 touchdowns; 49 carries for 226 yards and three touchdowns

Coach Smith on Whaley: “Marcus’s impact is pretty obvious, considering we can look at the games he played to the ones he didn’t. His ability to read a defense and get the football going in the right spot, whether by run or pass, makes him a very special player, along with his athletic ability.”

Running back

Riely Weiss

Teays Valley senior

Stats: 77 carries for 734 yards and 11 touchdowns

Coach Weber on Weiss: “Riely is lightning in a bottle. He’s coachable, has good vision and plays on that edge. If he gets to the edge then he can take it to the house.”

Trent Davis

Westfall junior

Stats: 151 carries for 937 yards and six touchdowns

Coach Smith on Davis: “Trent’s a running back who makes defenders look foolish when they’re trying to tackle him. He can run away from defenders, around him and, when he needs to, he can run through them.”

Colin Michael

Circleville sophomore

Stats: 108 carries for 504 yards and five touchdowns

Coach Katris on Michael: “Colin is a kid I really enjoyed coaching, because he played very hard on both sides of the football. He was a fullback in our offense who blocked a ton and did it very hard. When he got some touches carrying the football, he was a hard runner. I’m glad we’re going to have him for two more years.”

Wyatt Thatcher

Circleville sophomore

Stats: 78 carries for 458 yards and three touchdowns

Coach Katris on Thatcher: “Wyatt was our wing back on offense and every time he got a carry, he seemed to have a big play running the counter. What I really love about Wyatt is he doesn’t weigh a ton, but he’s physical and took on blocking a lot of bigger kids this season and did a nice job. I’m glad we’ll have him for two more seasons.”


Dale Hubbard

Teays Valley senior

Stats: Nine receptions for 251 yards and four touchdowns

Coach Weber on Hubbard: “Dale is fast. He’ll be looking to go back to state in track again this season. Opponents had to respect him, even though we don’t throw the football a lot, because he could take it to the house. He also played most of the season injured.”

Donte Dryden

Logan Elm senior

Stats: 31 receptions for 408 yards and four touchdowns

Coach Holbert on Dryden: “Donte is a playmaker, so we tried to move him around as many ways as we could to get the ball in his hands. He can be electric whenever he gets the football in his hands.”


Clayton Knox

Teays Valley senior

Stats: 11 receptions for 135 yards; 15 carries for 130 yards and 17 returns for 260 yards with three total touchdowns

Coach Weber on Knox: “Clayton came out for his senior year, and he’s another one of those guys who’s production is pretty good, including on special teams with returns. He’s quick catching those bubbles and he drew a guy out of the box, which was big for our run game.”

Hayden Lemaster

Westfall senior

Stats: 43 of 70 passing for 601 yards and five touchdowns; 37 carries for 215 yards and five touchdowns; 25 receptions for 349 yards and six touchdowns

Coach Smith on Lemaster: “He scored touchdowns in four different ways, which is pretty amazing. He played quarterback, running back, wide receiver and defensive back, and did them all pretty well. It’s nuts to think a backup quarterback can complete 65 percent of his passes. Not too many kids are capable of doing that.”



Zion Bowling

Teays Valley junior

Stats: 63.5 tackles, including 14.5 for loss, and eight sacks

Coach Weber on Bowling: “Zion led the team in sacks and is relentless. He plays with a passion for the game and he gets frustrated when teams are running away from him. He’s an anchor coming back for his senior year.”

Hunter Young

Teays Valley junior

Stats: 42 tackles, including two for loss, and two sacks

Coach Weber on Young: “Hunter is another younger guy on the defense. We moved him to the defensive line, which created some mismatches with his strength and quickness. He’s that scrappy nose guard on the line.”

Eli Burgett

Teays Valley junior

Stats: 39.5 tackles, including 12.5 for loss, and 1.5 sacks.

Coach Weber on Burgett: “Eli is very fundamental and a very coachable player. You don’t recognize he’s there during the game, because he does his job so well. He’s going to have a solid senior year.”


Gage Weiler

Teays Valley senior

Stats: 86 tackles, including 10 for loss, 3.5 sacks and an interception

Coach Weber on Weiler: “Gage is the hammer of our defense. He makes things happen as mike linebacker with energy and effort. He’s a statesman of the defense starting between 25-28 games in his career.”

Cooper Booth

Teays Valley junior

Stats: 78 tackles, including seven for loss, and an interception

Coach Weber on Booth: “He was a surprise starting the season at outside linebacker and Week 2 we moved him inside. He racked up the tackles and to be second on the team in tackles never playing that position before is special. He’s an athletic linebacker, who can go sideline-to-sideline.”

Michael Struckman

Teays Valley senior

Stats: 73 tackles, including 11 for loss, 1.5 sacks and an interception

Coach Weber on Struckman: “Michael’s not very big, so people try to run at him, but he tackles and tackles well. That’s impressive. He has a nose for the football and gets low. He’s fundamentally sound and a hard worker.”

Josey Kelly

Westfall junior

Stats: 167 tackles, two sacks and an interception

Coach Smith on Kelly: “Only player on our team that had a stat in every defensive category. He fills nicely and he continued to get better with that as the season progressed. He was a very valuable part of our defense.”

Trevor Sharon

Westfall senior

Stats: 81 tackles

Coach Smith on Sharon: “Trevor is, pound-for-pound, one of our hardest hitters and a young man who has a nose for the football. He did a lot of things really, really well for us.”

Peyton Bennett

Logan Elm senior

Stats: 45 tackles, including five for loss

Coach Holbert on Bennett: “Peyton is a high energy player who gives great effort and is relentless. He has a tremendous motor that makes him go. He had to play on both sides of the football. He was in great condition, mentally tough and a leader for us on the field.”

Isac Payne

Circleville junior

Stats: 65 tackles, including seven for loss

Coach Katris on Payne: “Isac is a great kid who started out at safety and moved to inside linebacker midway through the season. If he had played there all season, he would have had some really amazing stats, because Isac is a great kid who works hard and is tough as nails. I’m glad we’ll have him back for another season.”


Camden Primmer

Teays Valley junior

Stats: 22 tackles and three interceptions

Coach Weber on Primmer: “Camden’s a tall, athletic kid who works hard. People try to throw at him, but he’s on their hip and makes the play. He just does his job every single play, and he’s very coachable. The team voted him as a captain, but he declined it so another senior could be captain. That says a lot about him.”

Peyton Weiler

Teays Valley sophomore

Stats: 60 tackles, including three for loss, two sacks and an interception

Coach Weber on Weiler: “Peyton is only a sophomore, but he had a nose for the football and was tough and relentless. We trust kids who are hard workers and that’s why he earned the opportunity to play.”

Chanston Moll

Westfall senior

Stats: 76 tackles and three interceptions

Coach Smith on Moll: “Chanston got hobbled by injuries later in the season and it took a toll on our defense. He was a quarterback on the field to make sure our defense was in the proper alignment. He’s just a flat out solid football player.”

Luke Blackburn

Westfall junior

Stats: 64 tackles and for interceptions

Coach Smith on Blackburn: “Luke was a real nice surprise coming out. We thought offensively he would do fine as a big, tall receiver. He had a lot of tackles playing free safety coming down hill, running the alley and sticking his nose into things. He also had some key interceptions and pass breakups.”

Mark Weber

Teays Valley

Coach of the Year

Weber guided the Vikings to a 7-3 season, including a share of their third consecutive Mid-State League Buckeye Division championship and fifth league title in six seasons.

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