Football Team

The 2021 Circleville Tigers Varsity Football team.

CIRCLEVILLE — With the start of a new season, it’s a new dawn for the Circleville Tigers as they take to the gridiron this season already making strides with a new coaching staff that’s eager to see what their team can do.

Head coach Steve Evans said he was excited to start the football season prior to their first home shut out win against the Huntington Huntsmen in a 35-0 final.

After a couple days of camp followed by a few days of two-a-days, the Circleville Tigers prepped for their chance to take to the school district’s brand-new field which was installed this past summer.

“I’ve just been really happy with our energy and effort right now day in and day out,” Evans told The Circleville Herald.

Camp can be a grueling time for a team that’s eager to hit a different color jersey. Evans communicated that his team saw days that were “lethargic” being that his players are going up against each other day in and day out.

In their second non-conference game, the Tigers mounted another large margin win over non-conference opponent Southeastern 39-8 in their second game of the season — first road win.

Through the team’s first two scrimmages, Evans pointed out the freshness of his coaching staff that has been slowly gaining the trust of their players as each day goes by. With the newly added staff, Evans told his players that opportunities are there, they just need to answer the call.

“Hey, all 11 positions are open offensive, defense and special teams,” Evans commented. “You want a position; you go earn it.”

In recent years, the Tigers have struggled in terms of putting tallies in the win column — in the last three years, Circleville had claimed just one win. Knowing all too well how it feels to lose, Evans and the other coaches have made it a point to overcome adversity.

It is safe to say with two wins already in the 2021 season, his players are listening.

“You can control two things; your attitude and effort,” Evans said. “They are starting to see some of that happening.”

Football is the ultimate team sport, according to many students and coaches of the game. With a new coaching staff, the key point to build trust within a program can be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish, but that’s the difference between winning and losing.

“We’ve constantly preached that you have to believe in the guy beside you,” Evans described. “You have to trust the guy beside you to do their job.”

As Evans pointed out, the game of life is also about building relationships and his coaching staff has been taking different approaches to mold those bonds.

“You can’t just come out here for two or three hours and scream and yell at kids and expect to get results,” Evans explained. “Today’s athlete… you might get kids to run through a wall now, but you got to tell them why they need to do it.”

At the end of the day, wins and losses are a dime a dozen. But it’s the individual player Evans and his coaches are upmost concerned with.

“When the kids see how much you care, they are willing to do that much for you,” Evans said.

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