Teays Valley senior Mallory Spangler recently signed with Mount Vernon Nazarene University, an NAIA institution, to play softball. Spangler helped the Vikings to the Mid-State League Buckeye Division championship and a district runner-up finish last season.

Question: What is your favorite genre of music or music group?

Answer: Literally anything, depends on my mood that day.

Q: What is your favorite homemade meal?

A: Steak with mashed potatoes, and don’t forget the A1.

Q: What are some of your strengths in softball?

A: My sportsmanship, no matter if we are up or down. I am always cheering and trying to uplift my team in any way. I also never stop fighting until the game is officially over 100 percent of the time.

Q: Name a previous weakness you’ve overcome in softball?

A: I am always getting hurt somehow and that has always been an obstacle. I have had to overcome those obstacles even through those times I always try to be the best teammate I can possibly be.

Q: What led you to sign with the college you selected?

A: Mount Vernon Nazarene is one of those schools that the second you get on campus, you know it is a great place. It truly felt like home and I fell in love with the school.

Q: What are some of your top athletic accomplishments or memories?

A: Definitely winning championships in New York with my travel team. We had a blast.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals or routines?

A: I always take time to pray. Also, before every at-bat, I have a special routine.

Q: Hobbies?

A: Hanging out with friends, family and serving the community any chance I get.

Q: What career do you want to go in when you are an adult?

A: I plan to go into early childhood education, because I want to make a positive impact on the youth and help them in anyway I can.

Q: If you could meet one person from any era of history?

A: Jackie Robinson, his whole story amazes me. I wish I had the determination that he did. He never let anything visibly get to him and always got the job done. Even though he was feisty, he always kept his goals in mind.

Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

A: My parents, because they are the reason I am the way that I am. Without my parents, I would have never been able to achieve the things that I have. They sacrificed so much for me and I could never say thank you enough to mom and dad.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from the Pumpkin Show?

A: Cheering for my friends at the Queens contest.

Q: Nickname?

A: Mal, it is just short for my first name.

Q: Favorite television show?

A: Friends

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Benchwarmers

Q: Favorite restaurant?

A: Olive Garden or Taco Bell

Q: What the best present you’ve ever received or given someone?

A: My sister gave me a ring and when I asked why she gave me the ring, she said “because you give rings to people you love.”

Q: What’s your most valuable possession?

A: My great grandma’s purse, because she gave it to me when she passed away and it always reminds me of her. We were close.

Q: What was your favorite costume you dressed up in for Halloween?

A: Snoopy, because everyone was in regular costumes and I literally looked like a mascot. It was so fun.

Q: What’s your dream vacation?

A: Somewhere I haven’t been, because I love traveling.

Q: What’s your favorite school subject?

A: Psychology, I am amazed by why people are who they are!

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