Batting Average

.585 Riley Stoneburner, Amanda-Clearcreek

.545 Hailey Struckman, Teays Valley

.537 Marcy Dudgeon, Westfall

.533 Chloe McClure, Amanda-Clearcreek

.513 Josie Williams, Westfall

.467 Cassie Feyh, Teays Valley

.447 Sydney Reeser, Logan Elm

.443 Ayzia Fullen, Westfall

.433 Sarah Moats, Circleville

.431 Sami Tackett, Westfall

.427 Lexi Parsons, Logan Elm

.417 Peyton Porter, Logan Elm

.403 Kenzie McConnell, Circleville

.400 Shyanne Miller, Amanda-Clearcreek

.397 Abby Keaton, Circleville

.394 Shaina Rowe, Teays Valley

.392 Macey Moore, Teays Valley

.390 Liz Stonerock, Westfall

.365 Sophia Mazgay, Amanda-Clearcreek

.360 Maddie Mullins, Westfall

.359 Paige Alford, Amanda-Clearcreek

.353 Cheyenne Arnold, Logan Elm

.352 Anna Gill, Teays Valley

.349 Sidney Gray, Circleville


12 Sarah Moats, Circleville 10 Josie Williams, Westfall; 9 Cassie Feyh, Teays Valley; Peyton Porter, Logan Elm; Riley Stoneburner, Amanda-Clearcreek

8 Paige Alford, Amanda-Clearcreek

7 Sydney Reeser, Logan Elm 6 Hailey Struckman, Teays Valley; Cheyenne Arnold, Logan Elm; Abby Keaton, Circleville; Marcy Dudgeon and Ayzia Fullen, Westfall

5 Lexi Parsons, Logan Elm; Liz Stonerock, Westfall

4 Allison Stewart and Macey Moore, Teays Valley


3 Chloe McClure, Amanda-Clearcreek; Ayzia Fullen, Westfall

2 Marcy Dudgeon, Westfall

Home runs

8 Peyton Porter, Logan Elm

7 Liz Stonerock and Maddie Mullins, Westfall

6 Lexi Parsons, Logan Elm; Ayzia Fullen and Sami Tackett, Westfall; Riley Stoneburner, Amanda-Clearcreek

5 Allison Stewart, Teays Valley; Liz Stonerock, Westfall

4 Hailey Struckman, Teays Valley; Sydney Reeser, Logan Elm; Paige Alford, Amanda-Clearcreek

3 Cassie Feyh, Shaina Rowe and Macey Moore, Teays Valley; Cheyenne Arnold, Logan Elm; Sha Ford, Circleville; Chrystal Harvey, Amanda-Clearcreek


35 Liz Stonerock, Westfall 29 Sydney Reeser, Logan Elm

25 Peyton Porter, Logan Elm

24 Paige Alford and Riley Stoneburner, Amanda-Clearcreek

23 Lexi Parsons, Logan Elm; Josie Williams and Sami Tackett, Westfall

22 Marcy Dudgeon and Ayzia Fullen, Westfall

18 Sha Ford, Circleville 17 Allison Stewart and Cassie Feyh, Teays Valley

16 Hailey Struckman, Teays Valley

15 Macey Moore, Teays Valley; Sarah Moats, Circleville


34 Marcy Dudgeon, Westfall 33 Ayzia Fullen, Westfall 31 Josie Williams, Westfall 27 Peyton Porter, Logan Elm 26 Sarah Moats, Circleville; Cheyenne Arnold, Logan Elm

25 Lexi Parsons, Logan Elm

23 Chloe McClure and Riley Stoneburner, Amanda-Clearcreek; Sami Tackett, Westfall

22 Sydney Reeser, Logan Elm; Liz Stonerock, Westfall

20 Macey Moore, Teays Valley 17 Cassie Feyh, Teays Valley 15 Abby Keaton, Circleville


19 Marcy Dudgeon, Westfall

15 Paige Alford, Amanda-Clearcreek

12 Brook Crosby, Teays Valley 7 Avree Entler, Logan Elm 6 Carly King, Logan Elm 5 Sha Ford, Circleville and Sydney Wickline, Circleville


1.53 Marcy Dudgeon, Westfall

1.94 Brook Crosby, Teays Valley

2.89 Paige Alford, Amanda-Clearcreek


146 Marcy Dudgeon, Westfall 50 Brook Crosby, Teays Valley

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