2019 Pumpkin Show Queen

2019 Circleville Pumpkin Show queen Morgan Anderson (center) a junior from Amanda-Clearcreek is flanked by her first attendant Laynee Hill (left), a  junior at Zane Trace and second attendant Katie Parks, a senior at Zane Trace. 

CIRCLEVILLE — Elise Pickett, Allyson Withers, and Sydney Reeser have officially handed over their crowns to Queen Morgan Anderson of Amanda-Clearcreek; first attendant Laynee Hill of Zane Trace; and second attendant Katie Parks, also of Zane Trace.

“A year ago, I remember the nervousness of sitting in those seats,” outgoing queen Elise Pickett said tearfully in her farewell speech. “The lessons and morals you all have taught me have made me the young woman I am today. Everyone is rooting for you.”

“Take it all in,” Allyson Withers, 2018 first attendant told the 2019 hopefuls.

“I was hoping and praying for the crown,” remarked Sydney Reeser, 2018 second attendant. “I have gained two beautiful sisters. Thank you to everyone. It takes every single one of you to make sure the show goes on.”

Morgan Anderson, daughter of Jessica and Jeffrey Schubert, and Richie Anderson, described her coronation in three words.

“I’m shocked, excited, and grateful,” Anderson, a junior at Amanda-Clearcreek, said in awe.

The incoming queen already has her hands full with several school activities, and will soon add traveling to various festivals to the list.

“I’m in FFA, varsity soccer team, science club, junior class president, art club, student council, prom committee,” Anderson listed. “I don’t sleep. A lot of it’s during the school year, and a lot of it’s before school and after school, so summertime’s free, since I only play soccer. Only.”

Anderson is most looking forward to traveling around the state, representing the Circleville Pumpkin Show.

“I am so excited to see anything outside of Fairfield County and Pickaway County,” Anderson explained. “I am so excited to meet new people. I am obsessed with talking to people. I’m just excited to travel and see new people and try new things.”

Anderson’s excitement was palpable as she cheered for her school.

“Go Aces!”

Laynee Hill, daughter of George and Kelly Hill and Zane Trace High School junior, had no words to explain her excitement at being crowned first attendant.

“I’m so excited,” Hill said. “I’m in disbelief. There are no words to explain how excited I am.”

The junior also has her hands full, particularly with varsity volleyball, basketball and track, as well as 4-H Ross County Junior Fair Board, and 4-H camp counselor.

When it comes to what she looks most forward to, Hill said sharing her time with her fellow royalty.

“I’m looking most forward to spending this whole week and this whole year with these girls,” Hill said. “I couldn’t even imagine spending it with anybody else. I’m so excited.”

Katie Parks, daughter of Lee and Heidi Parks and Zane Trace High School Senior, shares Hill’s speechlessness.

“I feel amazing,” Parks said. “I feel wonderful, like words can’t describe it.”

Just like her fellow royalty, Parks has her hands full with extracurricular activities.

“I’m involved in MADE club, which is my school’s drug-free club,” Parks explained. “I am involved in varsity cheerleading — those girls are my world. That’s some of the things I’m involved in — I can’t think right now!”

Parks also shares Hill’s sentiment about travel.

“I’m so excited to travel and go to all of the festivals with these girls,” Parks explained. “Obviously, Laynee goes to my school, so I know her so well, and Morgan and I have grown to know and love each other, and I can’t wait to go around all of Ohio with them.”

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