CIRCLEVILLE — The Circleville Police Department is asking the public to help in a murder investigation.

Monday evening just after 8 p.m., Raymond Dixon, 57, of Circleville, was murdered in his apartment on West Main Street. Over the course of that night, Circleville Police in partnership with other area law enforcement and fire personnel found enough evidence to charge Gregory A. Hardman, 33, with aggravated murder.

“Although an arrest has been made we are asking for anyone to send information regarding this tragic event to us through a special web portal which we have established,” Sgt. Matthew Hafey of the Circleville Police Department, said. “Citizens can upload videos and photographs which may help investigators.”

To submit photos or videos visit Once there click tap to start, click on photo library to access photos on your device, select the ones you wish to send and once you’ve added any information click submit.

“You can enter your contact information or remain anonymous,” Hafey added. “You will have to enter a phone number in order to receive the link on your phone via text message.”

Hafey said this is a new tool that the department has and it’s through their body camera company. He indicated that more evidence is better, especially in cases like this.

“Even if it was something where it was video or photos at the scene after it happened it might be something that we might not have seen or that was gone by the time we got there,” Hafey told The Circleville Herald. “It may not seem important to the person at the time but knowing the facts of the case it could be a huge piece of evidence and we could use that. All the submissions will be reviewed by the detectives. We realize we might get pictures that might not be relevant to the case but we might get one or two pictures that will be the icing on the cake.”

Hafey said this measure was done not out of a lack of evidence but rather out of due diligence and a desire to ensure that the victim receives proper justice.

“We put this out there because we wouldn’t be doing Mr. Dixon proper justice if we weren’t doing everything we could to ensure a conviction,” Hafey stated. “Just because we make an arrest doesn’t mean we stop investigating. We keep going until we feel we have more than enough evidence to achieve a conviction.

“I had an old academy instructor say that one’s good but twos better. It’s better to have too much than not enough. We’ve got enough evidence for probable cause and we feel like we have a strong case but just because we have enough evidence it’s always better to have more,” he continued.

The investigation is still ongoing. Hardman is currently in Pickaway County Jail. He’s scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 3 at 3 p.m.

“Thank you for your help in bringing the responsible person to justice,” Hafey said in the release to the public.

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